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Real Vampires: Porphyria

Most people know about vampires and most of those people that they are not real. However there is scientific evidence to the contrary. There is a very rare disease called porphyria that has little recognition at large. However certain experts in vampires believe strongly that it is porphyria that is the cause of vampirism. When takes full hold of the victim he gives them a serious sensitivity A symptom of porphyria after exposure to sunlight.A symptom of porphyria after exposure to photosynthetic energy causing them to be under extreme pain and even retain visible skin damage when exposed to sunlight. As well there is also a whitening of the skin and a few other symptoms that are strangely suggestive. The medical community knows about this condition at least in its normal form. When allowed to move unchecked through a susceptible host and without any prolonged exposure to sunlight throughout the incubation period of a couple weeks it will culminate in a full-blown case of porphyric hemophilia. The subject will be completely turned into a vampire.

This article is entirely fictional. It is for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously. Porphyria is a real medical condition and has no connection to vampirism.

by Claire Evans on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 03:09

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