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Proof that Vampires Exist

There has been much speculation throughout the course of history as to the existence of vampires. There are of course the skeptics who say that there is no way that such a fantastical paranormal being could exist and they seem to have a good point. However there is actually quite a lot of evidence that would support the existence of these creatures. Among this evidence there are three types: physical, written historical, and forensic.

Physical evidence abounds most commonly in the form of fossil records. There have been numerous archaeological finds of animals with enlarged canine teeth that would certainly suggest vampiric influence or origin. There have also been several examples of what are thought to be vampire An enlarged human canine tooth found in Austria.An enlarged human canine tooth found in Austria.skeletons. They are essentially human skeletons with enlarged canine teeth and strange bone structure that would certainly seem to be perfect examples of vampire skeletons.

There are numerous accounts throughout historical texts that detail encounters with vampires or Nosferatu. And they go well beyond the clichéd stories of Count Dracula. Skeptics would call these fiction however that consistent depiction of these creatures throughout history and in different cultures that have remained separate from one another would seem to suggest that the common thread must have a grain of truth to it. If vampires exist in the records of European historians as well as Australian aboriginal oral histories and even in Native American and African records how can it be possible that the concept of a vampire could have been created separately by all these cultures at different times?

In criminal databases there are examples of criminal profiles that match the habits of vampires. Acts of cannibalism, blood drinking, and other depraved acts of violence have been known to be consistent with the style of attack of a vampire. In addition medical examiner reports have contained examples of death by bytes to the neck and the draining of blood from the body certainly seeming to suggest that something is afoot.

So do vampires exist? There is such a host of evidence to support the existence of vampires that there could be no possible way for one to disbelieve this phenomenon. To do so would be to put one’s life in unnecessary danger from an unseen, unheard and yet extremely real and dangerous threat.

by Claire Evans on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 03:05
yes vampires are real but we only drink blood to get more enrgy.well my age 270. we can drink animal blood but human blood is so much sweeter.not all of us are bad. but you humans are the bad guys all you guys have been do is killing my kind of and all we want is to live with you with no harm.

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