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What is the Average Cost of a Brake Job? Average Brake Change Price

In general, brake maintenance is really expensive. The cost of a brake job depends on several factors like the type of pads and rotors. While pads cost about $30 per wheel, along with resurfacing of rotors, it may cost somewhere around $350. An extra amount of $50 will have to be paid if rear drum is to be adjusted. Also, the cost depends on the make and model of the vehicle, the type of store (like chain stores) from where the parts are purchased and the living area, based on which the labor is charged usually. The cost can be brought down by purchasing the parts from the wholesalers, instead of approaching dealership merchants. Finally, a 4-wheel brake job will cost around $650 on an average, that will include all costs. The average brake change price may cost up to $1000, and if rotors are to be replaced, then it may involve an additional expenditure of $350 to $650.
by Margaret Walker on Mon, 10/11/2010 - 06:26

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