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What is the Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel? Average Bathroom Renovation Price

The price of remodelling an average bathroom depends on the size of the bathroom and the spending range of the person who wants to renovate it. It may range from a minimum of $5000 to $50000 and above. First of all it must be decided whether to hire a contractor to do the work or do it on one's own. If a contractor is hired the cost may increase, as charges for labour are included, but a lot of time is saved. If done on one's own the labour charges can be saved.

The cost of other bathroom fixtures like tiles, shower, shower enclosures, model of bathtub, bathroom cabinets, vanities etc depends upon the model one chooses and the popularity of the brand used. Going for some cheaper ones can very well reduce the cost of renovation. Plastering, Painting, wiring and plumbering costs must also be taken into account and an extra budget to decorate the bathroom with accessories like bath towels, towel rack,soap stands etc. should also be included. On an average it may cost around $9000 and goes up depending upon one's choice of selecting fittings and fixtures. The cheaper it is, the lower the cost is.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 10/09/2010 - 21:58

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