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What is the Average Cost of Bypass Surgery? Average Bypass Surgery Price

The number of people undergoing bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty is sharply increasing every year in the United States, where the number one killer disease, coronary heart disease, claims over 450,000 lives annually. The cost of bypass surgeries have also gone up alarmingly in recent times and on an average a bypass costs as high as $50,000 today, with a price range between $14,000 and $78,000 depending upon complications. That whether bypass surgeries really do anything more than relieving the pain of angina has become a serious subject of debate across the nation, with opinions also remaining divided over the very need for the speciality treatment. Interestingly, studies show that a majority of those treated with non-surgical therapy also feel relieved from angina pain, thereby questioning the growing popularity for bypass surgery.
by Margaret Walker on Mon, 10/11/2010 - 22:20

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