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What is the Average Cost of a PhD? Average PhD Degree Price

Average cost of pursuing a PhD course is around $25659 for an estimated 3 quarter-9 months- attendance. Tuition fee can be waived, student life fee is $714, health insurance covered by program, books for $2100, rental at $13500, food at $5400, personal expenses amounting to $2550, transportation at $1350 and Transcript fee of $45 total to around $26000. A PhD course is for five to eight years. All PhD students get financial assistance by way of tuition grant for the full period, stipend support and health insurance. Meritorious students capable of creative research will get more assistance. Part-time jobs can be taken up by students to cover costs. Stipends are available for full four years of study; if progress is satisfactory the fifth-year funding is also often covered.

by Susan White on Thu, 10/21/2010 - 10:57

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