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What is the Average Cost of a Divorce in Texas? Average Texas Divorce Price

The cost of divorce is determined by numerous factors such as whether you and your spouse can get to a mutual settlement with respect to property division, and children, what time it will take to arrive at agreement after start of litigation, whether trial, temporary orders would be necessary, whether discovery took place and what kind of response is there from your spouse and his/her attorney. In Texas you are allowed to make your own representation under Pro Se litigation by Texas rules of civil law procedure. This is a simple three-step process of filling forms and making your own call. This costs around $199 to $299 and several firms offer this service. If Attorneys are engaged their charges on average works out to $100 to $200 per hpur. So self representation will save hundreds of dollars. While mediated divorce shall cost $1000 to $5000 that will include preparation, pleadings, transfer of documents and obtaining the divorce. As against this a court contested Texas divorce shall cost minimum of $18000 as fees and further expenses by way of prolonged proceedings.

by Susan White on Thu, 10/21/2010 - 11:42

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