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What is the Average Cost of Becoming a Dentist? Average Price

The cost of becoming a dentist is around $200,000 for graduating and residency. Select schools rate a higher price; starting from passing entrance tests to get admission and then spending four years in theory and clinical study cost varies depending on whether it is private or public. Students pay around $25000 to $150000 in public universities. Non-resident tuitions run to $225000 to complete the program. Private dental schools cost totally around $300000 for the four years. At the other end University of Pacific school of Dentistry was priced as low as $70000 around. Other additional costs are admission test fee, Board exam fee, laptops, instruments etc, which shall total to nearly $12500; books cost $5000 to $12000, the first year, then dropping to $1000 to $6000 the fourth year. Housing costs vary; room and board will be priced at $12000 to $25000 depending on availability and rates. New York Buffalo University cost $7620 for 2008-2009. There are a few financial aid programs which if availed will reduce the charges to that extent.

by Susan White on Thu, 10/21/2010 - 10:55

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