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How to Fix Lawn Chairs

Any outdoor enthusiast often asks how to keep their lawn chairs in good condition. How do you repair a lawn chairs? The sun, wind, rain, and poolside conditions can soon ruin your lawn furniture. Like anything your favorite lawn chair responds to love and caring; to regular maintenance. The redwood, pine, woven wood, or rattan chaise loungers, chairs, and tables need to be cleaned regularly and kept out of the rain, wind, and sun when not in use. Prevention for any lawn chair manufactured from wood is a must. Once a year clean the wood surfaces. As you are letting them dry check the bolts and nuts holding them together and tighten any that are loose. Go to a larger bolt, nut and washer if use has worn the hole larger than that bolt installed by the manufacturer. Those handy with a hand held drill often will make new holes if a “tear” has occurred. Once this has been accomplished stain them with a color consistent with the original. And after this has dried according to the directions on the can you can preserve them for another year, or maybe ten, by using water based lacquer (easy cleanup) to preserve their color, finish, and life.

by Susan White on Fri, 10/22/2010 - 10:17

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