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How much does a Divorce Lawyer make per year? Average Divorce Lawyer Salary

All family lawyers practice divorce law. Divorce lawyer’s salaries depend on the state/city in which they practice, law-school they graduated from, their experience, reputation, catered clients, size of firm; cities like Denver, Cleveland and Minneapolis start at around $ 1,20,00/year for associates. Landing jobs for first year associates at $ 70,000 to $75,000 in small cities is infrequent and tough. Larger firms pay fixed bonus every year additionally; this becomes discretionary on lawyer attaining seniority. This is additional to the salary. Practicing divorce lawyers charge $ 300/hour; range is from $100 --$ 450. Median salary is $ 41, 748 to $ 78, 611 as of August 2010. Retainer fee is taken from which hourly charges and expenses are taken; on its depletion Attorney seeks more money. Occasionally divorcing couple will hire a single lawyer; then fees are suitably fixed. After working for some time, family/divorce lawyers can get into regular or money partnerships; regular partners make $ 500,000- $800,000 while money partners who share profits make up to $1- 4 million per year.

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 10/20/2010 - 09:20

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