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Is There Water In Heaven? +  

According to the book of Revelations, there will be rivers in heaven. There is nothing said about the rain in heaven, but the Bible does talk much about the rivers of life in heaven. It is hard to say for sure that the water in heaven would have the same formula, as it has on Earth. However, there are many places in the Word of God talking about the living water in heaven.

Is There Water In Soda? +  

Depending on the type of soda, it may or may not contain water. Soda as a chemical does not contain any water in it. it is a powdered or crystalized substance. However, if you add some water to soda, you obtain a soft drink, called soda. Adding some sugar or juice to it makes soda and water to produce lemonade. In this case, it certainly contains much water in it.

Is There Water In Vinegar? +  

Water is one of vinegar’s essential components. It mainly consists of water (over 95 percent). Different kinds of vinegar vary in their structure, but they all contain water. Besides water, vinegars also contain a small amount of acetic acid. If you leave the vinegar bottle open for a while, the acid will evaporate, leaving the water in the bottle. That is when we say the vinegar or wine became flat.

Is There Water In Gasoline? +  

There is no water in gasoline. Gasoline is oil in its essence. Water and oil do not mix, unless they are put under high pressure. However, in this case you obtain an emulsion, which would not stay together for a long time. Gasoline, as any oil is ‘lighter’ than the water and floats up to its surface. If gasoline contained water, it would freeze in your engine.

Is There Water In Blood? +  

The entire human body mostly consists of water or water solutions. Water is one of the essential component of our organisms. Human blood has over 55 percent of plasma in it. Plasma, in its turn, has about 90 percent of water in it. Therefore, every gallon of human blood consists of half a gallon of water. Losing only 8 percent of body water, a person my start hallucinating or even may faint.

Is There Water In The Air? +  

Even though water has more density than the air, there is water in the air. Being heated it evaporates, lifts up in the air, become lighter than the air. You can easily check out this fact, running a simple experiment. Get a bottle of iced or cold water out of the refrigerator and put it on your table. Soon you will see the condensed “air” water on its surface.

Is There Water On Uranus? +  

Since no space shuttle or apparatus was every able to land Uranus or take samples of its atmosphere, scientists can only make suggestions on the matter. However, they were able to define the density of its atmosphere. It is very close to the water density. They suspect the whole Uranus planet may be covered or even may consist of water. Though, as this planet has extremely high temperatures, the water there is held in a very unusual state.

Is There Water On Neptune? +  

Planet Neptune does not have any amount of liquid water on its surface or in its atmosphere. It is due to the very low temperatures it has. Nevertheless, this planet does have a certain insignificant amount of iced water in its atmosphere. This water and extremely low temperatures on Neptune do not allow any suggestions to be made on the life presence on this planet.

Is There Air Resistance In Free Fall? +  

Free fall is when an object starts falling down without any initial acceleration. It starts in the rest position and gradually gains speed. This speed is cause by the gravity and its accumulation is interfered by the air resistance. If it was not for the air resistance, two such different objects as a stone and a feather would reach the floor gaining the same speed and over the same period of time.

Is There Air In Water? +  

A certain amount of air is always dissolved or present in the water. It has to be there in order for water life to exist. How much air can be held in the water depends on two key factors: water temperature and pressure. The higher is the water temperature, the less air it can contain. The higher is the pressure, the more air can be found in the water.

Is There Air Resistance In A Vacuum? +  

There is no air resistance in a vacuum, as there is no air there. There is such a scientific term as perfect vacuum, where there is no gas pressure at all. However, outer space vacuum still has a certain amount of particle and gases in it. The gas pressure in vacuum is very low and insignificant. That is why it does not hardly cause any resistance.

Is There Air In Outer Space? +  

There is no air in the outer space. Air or atmosphere can exist only around a large enough space object, such as planet. Air consists of various gases. There is a certain amount of gases in the outer space, but they are not condensed enough to form any air or atmosphere and to cause any significant amount of resistance. To hold together, air or atmosphere needs gravity and magnetic fields.

Is There Air Resistance On The Moon? +  

Moon does not have air resistance. It cannot have it, as it does not have atmosphere there. Since there is no air on the moon, there is no air resistance. There are some particles on the Moon, which can be called a moon atmosphere, but they are not sufficient to cause any wind or resistance. Mostly the Moon is surrounded by vacuum, where there is hardly any resistance present.

Were Humans Once Monkeys? +  

According to the theory of Evolution, that is a fact. This theory, based mostly on the Charles Darwin Origin of species teaching, declares that all the more perfect and complicated species have evolved from the more primitive ones. Scientists have discovered a certain similarity in genes between monkeys and people, but the same similarity (over 95 percent) in genes they have found between people and pigs.

Were Humans Alive With Dinosaurs? +  

There are two different points of view on this subject. According to the Evolution theory, dinosaurs have died out millions of years before humans came to live on this planet Earth. However, according to the creation theory, both of these species inhabited the earth at the same time. There are certain evidences to support both of these theories. Though, most schools and textbooks teach only the Evolution ones.

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