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Are You Able to See The Light in the Yellow-Green Part of the Spectrum? +  

Yellow and green are both a part of the light spectrum band that is visible to the human eye. The eye itself has receptors of yellow and green light waves which lie within a particular band of wavelengths ranging in order of 10¬¬¬-13 meters. Receptors that allow green and yellow light visibility in the eyes include OPN1MW and OPN1MW2. In fact, colors in the light spectrum include wavelengths, both shorter and longer than yellow or green.

Can You Sell Things on Amazon? +  

Selling items on Amazon is a lesser known service provided by the website. Since has been one of the most popular shopping sites for everyday items such as books, CDs, bedding, computers, laptops and other products, people also wonder if they can use the website to earn something as well. In order to get selling into motion, all you have to do is list your item(s), get the order from a prospective buyer, arrange for shipping and deliver on time.

How Do I Put My Mail on Hold? +  

You may be away from residence or office due to vacation or an unexpected business trip. However, the United States Postal Service runs an online system that allows recipients to notify them about their absence between certain dates. You may request them to put your mail on hold for 3-30 days. Although the online service is popular, many ZIP codes or areas in the United States are not able to provide this convenience at the moment.

Does Anyone Have the Same Fingerprints? +  

Fingerprints are one of the most important forensic elements that help detectives decipher between alleged criminals. Although there is a miniscule chance that two different individuals will have the same DNA structure, science and research still reveals that no two people, even twins can, can have the same fingerprints. It is important to collect fingerprint marks for proving murders, rapes and other crimes where the assaulter may have used his or her fingers.

Does Anyone Have the Same DNA? +  

Same DNA structures in two different individuals is a rare possibility. It is however possible that twin siblings have the same DNA structure. Although the possibility is scientifically proven, being twins does not guarantee the same DNA structure. The chances that a pair of twin siblings will have the same DNA structure are less than 1 percent. However, the presence of identical DNA structures has also been observed in certain races that have not interbred with other races as much as some others may have.

Are Oranges Rare In Japan? +  

For the most part, oranges are rare in Japan. In the winter, mikan oranges, which are small oranges can be found in grocery stops but that’s pretty much it. There are reports of some mikan grooves in Japan but overall, oranges are very rare in Japan. The weather just does not indicate the quality of growth that oranges need and thus oranges are rare there. The mikan orange that you do find there is said to be a cross between a tangerine and a mandarin orange. They are said to be quite tasty and when in season, they can be found in the stores.

How Long Will Charcoal Burn? +  

As one of the most resourceful and popular energy fuels, charcoal can burn for a long time. Charcoal is carbon and depending on the type of charcoal it can burn anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. For example, if we use the Kingsford charcoal and if we go by the Minion Method, we can cook non-stop for at least 12 hours without the necessity of adding more charcoal. This is convenient if you are planning for overnight cooks. Charcoal can help burn more efficiently.

Will Charcoal Absorb Moisture? +  

Charcoal is an environmentally friendly product. When you finish using it you can just crush it into pieces and let it go back to nature. They can absorb moisture from the air that is humid and release it when the conditions are dry. This feature of charcoal makes it an excellent humidity regulator. Bamboo charcoal is a superior product that has more cavities and hence can absorb more odors and moisture as compared to wood charcoal. Because of these advantages they are put to good use.

Will Stainless Steel Rust Outside? +  

Stainless steel will rust, however, the rusting rate is much slower than other metals. The degree of rust resistance varies, according to the type of stainless steel alloy. For instance, a 300 series stainless steel is more rust resistant than a 410 series stainless steel. 410 series stainless steel has 10% nickel content, so the degree of rust resistance is lower in it. Rust resistant stainless steel is now available everywhere, so it should not be a big concern.

Can Bed Bugs Fly? +  

Bed bugs cannot fly. They crawl and scurry into dark hiding places. They move as fast as ants. They cannot jump or fly and they won’t burrow into your skin. Bed bugs don’t move in groups although they can, but rather they are usually loners traveling in beds alone until other bed bugs join them. Bed bugs are a horrible nuisance and can even get into your hair. But they don’t fly up to the top of your head, they crawl.

Can Bats Walk? +  

Generally, most bats are not able to walk, however there is one variety that can. The only kind of bat that can walk is the vampire bat. Other bats can’t walk because their wings are too large and heavy in comparison with their legs. The vampire bat can walk because it’s able to tuck its wings away. But that is the only type of bat that can walk. Other bats can fly, and they rest upside down and do fly but they don’t walk.

Where is Degas? +  

Edgar Degas is buried in the Cimitière de Montmartre in Paris, France. He died September 17, 1917. He was a famous painter of the time with artwork that makes him rank up there with Picasso and many other influential artists of the time. He had many exhibits and many shows. During his life, he had family turmoil and until his death, did not speak with his brother due to a political stance that Degas stood upon.

Why is Density Important? +  

Density is very important because it is the measurement of the mass or space which all matter takes up. Density affects weight and stability. It is a scientific term that is used in describing molecules and the space and mass of things. For example, two items might be the same size but if one of them has more density, then it will be heavier. A rock with a low density may float while a very dense rock will sink in water.

Why is Caffeine Polar? +  

Caffeine is polar so that it can dissolve. If it was not polar it would not be able to dissolve in water and would be quite difficult to drink. When added to soda, it dissolves in the liquid that they use to make their sodas so it’s not just water that it dissolve in. Caffeine dissolves in any liquid. It’s mostly found in soda drinks and coffee but many foods also contain caffeine.

Fastest Way to Numb your Hand +  

Ice or a spray that is used to numb areas for piercings are the two fastest ways to numb your hand. You can also use aerosol products that contain butane, as this will work quickly, too. Some research suggests that deodorant works well too to numb your hand, but other methods are faster. If you don’t have any of these products available, put your hand in a bucket of ice and it will get numb pretty quickly.

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