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Can you have a Pet Black Widow Spider? Legal, Safe Black Widow Spider, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their distinctive hourglass pattern and their deadly venom, many people throughout the years have wondered if black widow spiders can be kept as pets. In most cases, it is illegal to keep a highly dangerous and deadly pet such as a black widow without a special permit. Sometimes it is simply illegal regardless of permission. If you do in fact live in an area that allows black widows to be kept as pets, then you will need to be extremely careful when handling it so as not to be killed by its poisonous bite.

Can you have a Pet Porpoise? Legal Domesticated Porpoises, Where are they for Sale? +  

Due to their keen intelligence and cute appearance, many people wonder if you can keep porpoises as pets. You may be distressed to hear that the answer is unfortunately no. Porpoises are protected by a variety of laws against their mistreatment and capture. Obtaining a porpoise as a pet legally it is quite simply impossible under virtually all circumstances. The closest you can come to getting a pet porpoise is to work with them as a trainer and caregiver at a porpoise aquarium or preserve.

Can you have a Pet Funnel Web Spider? Legal Safe Funnel Web Spider, Where are they for Sale? 1  

Funnel web spiders are among the most dangerous creatures on earth, with the deadliest venom of all spiders. Consequently, they have become a subject of fascination and fear around the world. So can you keep one as a pet? In most cases, the answer is no. This is due quite simply to the extreme danger that the spider’s deadly venom holds to the owner as well as the general public. If you do manage to obtain and possess one legally, be very careful, as its bite can easily kill you. Purchase of a funnel web spider is rare, but can be made through specialty animal dealers in some cases.

Can you have a Pet Opossum? Legal Domesticated Possum, Where are they for Sale? +  

Possums are cute little creatures, but are they legal to be kept as pets? The answer depends on where you live and more particularly upon the local pet laws. Most states and countries allow the legal possession of possums as pets. Whatever you do, do not try to trap a wild opossum, as this will expose you to disease and it is inherently illegal due to wildlife protection laws. Instead, obtain a domesticated possum from a pet store or online pet dealer.

Can you have a Pet Rat? Legal Domesticated Rats, Where are they for Sale? +  

Though often feared as pests and carriers of disease, rats can actually make quite excellent pets given the right circumstances. Firstly, it is important to note that capturing wild rats is an extremely bad idea. Diseases and parasites run rampant among wild rats and they are often hostile toward human owners. Instead, it is a much better idea to purchase a properly domesticated rat from a pet store or animal supplier. This will ensure that you are safe from any hazards of disease and that the rat will take well to you as its owner.

Can you have a Pet Pigeon? Legal Domesticated and Trained Pigeons, Where are they for Sale? +  

Everyone has seen a pigeon before, but is it possible to keep one as your very own pet? It is in fact perfectly legal in most states and countries to keep pigeons as pets. Due to concerns about disease and public health, while pigeons are generally illegal to capture. However, pigeons can be obtained quite easily from bird trainers and breeders for relatively low price. Pigeons can be trained in a variety of ways and can make excellent pets indeed.

Can you have a Pet Tapir? Legal Domesticated Tapir, Where are they for Sale? +  

Tapirs are really neat creatures and many people think that they would make good pets. In fact, they would make very good pets indeed. Tapirs are quite intelligent and can display affection and attachment toward humans. Unfortunately, all four species of tapirs are endangered and as a result are illegal in virtually every country in the world to keep as pets. If their endangered status ever does change, then they will no doubt be made available for purchase as pets from licensed exotic pet salesman.

Can you have a Pet Lion? Legal Domesticated Lions, Where are they for Sale? +  

Lions are called the kings of the savanna for good reason. They are proud, majestic, and powerful creatures. But is it possible to keep a lion as a pet? The first step in answering this question is determining the local exotic pet laws in your area. Many states and countries prohibit keeping large cats as pets due to the inherent danger. If it is legal in your area, then you will most likely need to obtain special permission as well as a certified permit to handle a dangerous animal.

Can you have a Pet Ostrich? Legal Domesticated Ostriches, Where are they for Sale? +  

Everyone loves ostriches, so can you keep one as a pet? Well, it depends upon where you live and more particularly upon local animal control laws. In most places, a pet ostrich is illegal due to the moderate danger posed by the ostrich’s strong legs and capricious nature. However, in certain areas you’ll be able to obtain an exotic or dangerous pet license and be allowed to legally keep a pet ostrich. However, it is unclear as to whether ostriches would make good pets or not, and this is a subject of some debate.

Can you have a Pet Penguin? Legal Domesticated Penguins, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their little “tuxedos” and stubby wings, penguins are extremely cute animals. So can you keep them legally as pets? Unfortunately, it is not legal at present to keep a penguin as a domesticated pet. This is due to the fact that they are protected by international laws against wildlife capture and mistreatment. Certain species of penguins are also close to becoming endangered, which contributes to the harshness of these laws. It allows ever do change, then you’ll be able to obtain one through a bird trainer or exotic pet seller.

Can you have a Pet Duck? Legal Domesticated Mallard Ducks, Where are they for Sale? +  

Many people wish that they had a pet duck, but is this possible or even legal? Well, going out and capturing a wild duck is most definitely illegal. This is due to laws in place to protect wildlife from capture and harm. However, it is possible to legally keep a duck as a pet if you go through the proper channels and purchase one lawfully. Speak to a livestock supplier or pet dealer and purchase one from them.

Can you have a Pet Flamingo? Legal Domesticated Flamingos, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their strange postures and distinctive pink feathers, flamingos are pretty good at grabbing your attention. But are these funny birds legal to keep as pets? You’ll no doubt be disappointed to know that it is illegal to keep a flamingo is a pet. This is due to their protected status as a wild animal. If the laws ever change, then purchasing a flamingo would have to be done through a specialty pet dealer or a bird trainer.

Can you have a Pet Vulture? Legal Domesticated Vultures, Where are they for Sale? +  

Often thought of as symbols of death and well known as scavengers, vultures are strange and fascinating creatures. Unfortunately, under most circumstances, is not legal to keep vultures as pets. This is due to their tendency to carry diseases, as well as wildlife protection laws. If the laws ever change, or if you are able to legally obtain a pet vulture, then you’ll need to bear in mind that they generally do not make the best of pets. Rather than being affectionate, vultures tend to simply spend most of their time looking for food.

Can you have a Pet Boa Constrictor? Legal Domesticated and Trained Boa Constrictors, Where are they for Sale? +  

Boa constrictors are enormous snakes, and many people asked the question of their legality as pets. While it depends upon the area in which you live and local laws, it is often legal to keep a boa constrictor is a pet. However, you will need to undergo a training course in dealing with large and dangerous animals and acquire special certification allows you to handle and keep a boa constrictor. Due to their large size and tendency to strangle animals, they can be quite dangerous and must be handled with care.

Can you have a Pet Anaconda? Legal Domesticated Anacondas, Where are they for Sale? +  

Anacondas are powerful creatures and other might seem like they would make good pets, is this really the case? Well, it depends upon which species of anaconda. Most species grow extremely large, up to 20 feet long, which can make them extremely dangerous if not handled correctly. Generally, to legally own in Anaconda as a pet you will need to acquire a special license for handling deadly animals. In many cases though it is simply illegal to possess an anaconda due to the danger involved. Purchase of a pet anaconda can be made by contacting a specialty pet breeder or reptile trainer.

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