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What does “Juntos Para Siempre” mean in Spanish? +  

“Juntos Para Siempre” is a Spanish way to say “Forever Together” in English. Here, “Juntos” is literally translated as “Together” while “Para Siempre” is translated as “Forever” in English language. “Juntos Para Siempre” has a variety of other meanings and could also mean “for goods and all”, “for aye” or “in perpetuity”. It is a kind of way to express affection to your loved ones and say that you will always be with them.

Why is the Word Panties Plural? +  

The word ‘Panties’ is a variation of underpants or pants which have come from ‘Pantaloon’, a tight-fitting male trouser with attached long socks or stockings. The word ‘pant’ is singular and the part ‘ies’ is a kind of plural suffix or diminutive. One complete apparel that is worn under pants is called as ‘panty’ however, the word ‘panties’ has become acceptable over the years despite of the fact that it refers to a single item.

Why Do They Say “Break a Leg”? +  

“Break a leg” is an idiom that is commonly used in theatres. It stands for “Good Luck” and is a way to wish actors and musicians before going out to perform on a stage. “Break a leg” is also considered as a theatrical superstition where saying “Good Luck” turns an act in to a bad one. “Break a leg” has a synonym too which is “Chookas” and is used in Australia. This idiom is also often used outside the theatre in various other professions as well.

Mailing a Letter Overseas +  

The cost of mailing a letter overseas depends in which country it is going as different countries charge different amounts. Your local post office can inform you the exact cost for the correct stamps. However, a normal letter less than an ounce will cost $0.90 with an additional $0.90 for anything over this weight. A local post office provides all information regarding mailing like how long it will take to get to the receiver and the procedure of mailing.

6 Words to Describe Yourself +  

It is often difficult to describe oneself in just six words. However, you should always try to expose your positive characteristics in this situation. You may tell the other person that you are a self-confident person. You should explain that you are an efficient team player or you can easily blend with circumstances. You should never forget to answer in a logical way as it defines your attitude towards life. You should always be confident while describing yourself to others.

What Type of Word is Hello? +  

The word ‘Hello’ stands for a greeting in English language. It is commonly used as an interjection or a noun. As per the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘Hello’ came from Old High German ‘Hala’ or ‘Hallo’ which was altered later. Hello is generally used while meeting other people and it is the first word that is said during introduction. The word ‘Hello’ is spelled in various ways in French and German languages but the actual meaning always remains the same.

How to Patent your Stage Name +  

Patents are one of the seven subcategories of Intellectual Property Rights recognized by World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. If you want to protect your stage name, you can opt for the Trademark or Tradename as stage name does not come under Patent Protection Act. You can apply for a Trademark in the US Patent and Trademark Office. You can also surf through its website where all the allotted Trademarks are listed.

I Think Someone is in My House Right Now +  

If you are feeling as if somebody is in your house right now, you need to stay calm. This feeling may be caused by variety of factors. It may be possible that you are afraid of being alone or you are more aware about everything around than it is required. You should never let these thoughts come into your mind. Try to be bold and more confident. But if you are still feeling in the same way, you should dial either to a nearby police station or to one of your neighbours.

I Think Someone Poisoned My Dog +  

When you find you beloved dog dead and are not able to find out the exact reason behind it, you become anxious. If you feel that somebody has poisoned your dog, you need facts about it. It may be either your mere suspicion or a valid reason to think in this way. If you find some justification and think of a person who would have done it, you may complain against him to the concerned authority. If you have some other pets also, you should take care of them to avoid this kind of incidence again.

I Think Someone is Watching Me +  

The feeling that somebody is watching you may annoy you sometimes. This may be a mere suspicion also. Actually this feeling may be an outcome of a kind of disorder called social paranoia where a person becomes more cautious and suspicious of other people. But it is perfectly natural. In this case, you may wish to seek counseling. You should talk to the persons who are close to you and try to stay calm and positive. Never let these thoughts come into your mind. This is how you can overcome your problem.

I Think Someone's In My House +  

The feeling that somebody is in your house may annoy you sometimes. But firstly you need to check whether this is only your suspicion or a realistic feeling. In this situation you should stay calm. If you are sure that someone is in your house you should immediately call 911 and tell them your situation. Sometimes the feeling that someone is in your house may be caused by a kind of social paranoia where one thinks as somebody is trying to harm him. In this case you should attend some counseling sessions.

I Think Someone Put a Curse on Me +  

If you have been facing many troubles for quite a sometime in your life and are not able to get over, you tend to think that someone has put a curse on you. It may be a mere suspicion or a kind of social paranoia where you might think that somebody is trying to hurt you or make your life miserable. If so, you may want to attend some counselling sessions. It is a very simple process and you can often solve your problem very easily. You should try to avoid these negative thoughts and stay positive.

What Does 'Hella' Mean? +  

The word ‘Hella’ is widely used throughout Canada and U.S. However in the beginning, it used to be pronounced only in Northern California and Washington State. ‘Hella’ refers to the words like ‘very much’, ‘a lot’ or ‘really’. Sometimes it is a kind of way to say ‘yes’. According to Pamela Munro, a famous linguist, ‘Hella’ is used to modify some of the adjectives like ‘good’. However the term ‘hell of a’ is used with a noun.

What is a Harlot? +  

In present times, the word ‘Harlot’ is synonymous with female prostitutes. However, the word Harlot was first found in a book written in 13th century. At that point of time it was used for men having no specific occupation. Harlot also referred to a juggler or jester who could be either a male or a female. But at the start of 14th century it became more related to women rather than men and by the end of 17th century it started referring to women prostitutes only.

How Did Charlie Parker Die? +  

Charlie Parker died because of chronic pneumonia and excessive internal bleeding. He was 34 years old at the time of his death. However, Parker had been addicted to heroin and morphine since he met a road accident in his teenage. Charlie was in one of the suites at the Hotel Stanhope owned by his friend Nica de Koenigswarter and was watching the ‘Tommy Dorsey Show’ on television set at that time. Ultimately it was his addiction to drugs that caused his death.

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