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10 Reasons to Be a Vegetarian +  

A lot of people view vegetarians as a fad or as some kind of casual hobby to be taken up when you’re bored, but there are some really nice benefits to being a vegetarian.
Commercially raised animals live in horrible conditions.Commercially raised animals live in horrible conditions.
1. You’re not killing animals. Is it really right for you to be able to take the life of another living creature just so that you can satisfy your urges? Meat is nothing more than a way to oppress animals to feed our own addiction to taste. Meat is murder.

How to keep your kitchen countertops clear +  

A very common problem we all face in the modern world is keeping the kitchen countertops clear of bottles, pots, plates, utensils, laptops, junk mail etc. Since the countertops are you so frequently, it is very difficult to maintain that lovely state of having nothing on the countertops, making it easy to start a new project in the kitchen. Tired of this state of affairs? We all are!

Ahhhh! Satisfying!Ahhhh! Satisfying!

How to keep your apartment vacuumed without actually doing any vacuuming +  

Everyone wants a vacuuming apartment, but few of us actually have enough time to do it regularly enough. Not only is it tedious and time-consuming, but often means that you need to move things out of the way to vacuum behind things and underneath things, further compounding the difficulty. Hiring a housekeeping services not always an option either, as this will increase your monthly expenses.

The Roomba at workThe Roomba at work

How to keep your entertainment center wires under control +  

A really common problem for the modern living room is the plethora of wires emanating from the entertainment center. The most likely culprit is a videogame console, as each controller has a wire -- a very long wire, and there are often many controllers. These wires are quite unsightly, and do not make for good impression in your living room, den or common area.

Too many wires!Too many wires!

How to reduce the amount of clutter and other junk in your apartment and stay organized +  

Many people are faced with an undesirable situation in their household: every room has trashed, partially use paper towels, what junk mail piled and strewn everywhere. This idyllic scene is hard to maintainThis idyllic scene is hard to maintain Inevitably, this only really gets cleaned up when someone is coming over for a social occasion, and one does not want to give the wrong impression. But unfortunately, this means that the rest of the time your apartment is still filled with junk.

How to make your refrigerator smell nice 1  

Having a stinky refrigerator is a very common problem. Indeed, millions of Americans have a smelly refrigerator and don't even realize the negative impact these unpleasant odors have on the food they store there.

If you are reading this, your refrigerator probably does not look like thisIf you are reading this, your refrigerator probably does not look like this

How to get your boyfriend to buy you the shoes you really want for Christmas +  

We all know men typically don't think about shoes. Indeed, it often seems highly unlikely that they will ever buy us shoes, and even if they did, it seems even more unlikely that they would buy the shoes that we want. Thus, every Christmas, we always hope that we'll get that magic special pair of shoes, but we usually never do. This article proposes a solution to this serious problem.

The gift we actually want!The gift we actually want!

How to regift: the art of regifting +  

Many people do it, nobody talks about. In this quick how-to, we explore the art of regifting. Choosing a gift is hard, so inevitably everyone at some point will receive a gift if they don't want. The first step, is to not open it. Ready to Re-gift!Ready to Re-gift! Be sure to keep it in its original packaging, shrinkwrap, and box. Next, decide whether you can keep it for a while; some gifts such as food or fat items, are likely to go bad or go out of style. These you need to get rid of as fast as possible.

Is Blu-Ray worth it? +  

A popular high-tech gift this holiday season will be the Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray is a successor to DVD, offering higher resolution images, and high-resolution sound; as well as richer special features, including downloadable special feature content. Blu-ray DiscBlu-ray Disc Blu-Ray players have fun substantially in price over the past few months, and are now available for prices between 100 and $200, even for name brand devices.

Misunderstood Soccer Moms +  

The term soccer mom has often been applied to well-meaning parents in a somewhat derogatory manner. People tend to label them as unimportant and annoying. The truth is that soccer moms are in fact one of the core supports of our society. It is through their attention that new generations of our children grow to be important parts of the future.

Tips for the Suburban Mom +  

If you want to be the best, most efficient soccer mom in your neighborhood, there are some things you need to do. First and most importantly you’re going to need a vehicle they can keep up with your fast paced modern lifestyle. The best type of vehicle for your use is an SUV. If it fits with your budget I would recommend the 2010 Buick Enclave. Is an extremely smooth ride with the lovely exterior that will put you We've all been in this situationWe've all been in this situationin the top of your class.

Soccer Moms as a Stereotype: An Outrage +  

The media and a large part of the population at large seem to see soccer moms as a stereotype and looked down on us because of that. They seem to see us as SUV-driving femi-nazis who can do anything except complain and take their children to soccer practice. This is a truly ignorant point of view and shows the narrowmindedness of the people who share it. It is also in outrage on a level almost approaching that of racism.

High Quality and Cheap SUVs +  

One of the cheapest and best SUVs available today is the 2008 Jeep Patriot. It has a starting price range of $15,000 brand-new and maintains a respectable 23 miles per gallon in city traffic. Is equipped with a wide variety of nice cutting-edge features and a clean and respectable look. Many consumers note that the interior is very comfortable and the storage space is more than ample.
The 2008 Jeep Patriot, easy on the eyes and on your budget.The 2008 Jeep Patriot, easy on the eyes and on your budget.Other good alternatives include (all prices are averages for brand new):

Sexting: Are My Kids in Danger? +  

There’s been a new craze among teenagers that has parents worried and confused. It is called sexting. Essentially it means texting with cell phones with people that they do not know in a sexual manner. It may seem like innocent flirting and a way to act on hormonal instincts but doesn’t involve unprotected sex, however it can be far more dangerous. Sexual texting leads to exposure of your kids with all the wrong Every mother's worst nightmare.Every mother's worst nightmare.types.

5 Things Every Mom Needs +  

There are five things that you need as a mom:

1. An outfit that can handle the rigors of your busy day while at the same time telling the world that you mean business. You need to exude an aura of control and respectability, and the world will be at your feet. All those little things that you do for your family every day that go unappreciated would now be noticed as a result of your striking new outfit. Your best bet is to check the new winter deals at Macy’ and get yourself a tight and stylish sweater and a pair of pants that say you don’t take no for an answer!

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