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What are the most popular girly drinks? +  

Girly Drinks - alcoholic, yet sweet and tasty! We women can't resist. Here is a short list of some of the most popular girly drinks.

Girly drinks forever!!Girly drinks forever!!

- Sex On the Beach
This is an all-time personal favorite

- Long Island Iced Tea
Also a personal favorite

- Brazillian Coffee
This one is hard to find in the U.S. but very good

- The Snickers Bar
This is an interesting one

- The Duck Fart

What is Hello Kitty? +  

Hello Kitty is a worldwide brand and merchandising phenomenon. The fictional character was first created in 1974 by the Japanese merchandising company Sanrio; it has since grown into several animated television series, over $1 billion per year in Hello Kitty-branded merchandise, and a full-fledged theme park located in Japan.

A picture of one of many Hello Kitty-branded toastersA picture of one of many Hello Kitty-branded toasters

How to communicate with your baby while still in the womb? +  

A new speaker system, called the Nuvo Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System, created specifically for pregnant women is designed to allow you to speak to your baby through a microphone -- or even plug in an iPod to share music with your baby as he/she develops inside your womb during the long months of pregnancy!

A picture of the Nuvo Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System!A picture of the Nuvo Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System!

Does The Secret work? +  

There have been many tests to see if the secret works but they have all relied on test subjects that were in fact skeptics. And though these examples have been featured in many reviews on the subject, you must know why these testings can never The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.The Secret can have an amazing effect on your According to the creators of The Secret you must believe fervently in the things that you want or they will not come true.

What is the Power of Now? +  

The Power of Now is Eckhart Tolle’s principle stating that acting on the moment and thinking only about the present gives you far more power in your actions than if you become distracted with the past or future. When you feel inspired, act on the The Power of Now is a great way to live you life.The Power of Now is a great way to live you life.moment and just do it. You have great power in the moment, in the passion and believe behind decisive actions. Only the present exists. The past is simply your mind’s perception of things that can no longer affect you.

What is the Law of Attraction? +  

The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts will attract similar things into existence around you. The Law of Attraction is the basic underlying principle behind The Secret. For example if you think about getting a raise at work, you will attract the positive The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.feelings and thoughts that will allow your boss to give you that promotion. When you think about bills coming in the mail, you will get more bills in the mail than if you don’t.

What are the rules/steps of The Secret? +  

There are three rules or steps to The Secret and its celestial and motivational power:

Ask: Reflect on what you don’t want so that you can figure out what you really do want. Now write this down and hold on to it.
The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.
Believe: Train your mind to really let yourself go. You need to be able to give it your unquestioning belief. Believe that it’s possible. Don’t allow your mind or anyone else to talk you into believing that it cannot happen.

What is the Secret? +  

You’ve most likely heard about The Secret before, seen it in bookstores, and probably wondered what it was. The Secret is a set of rules for living your life that is sometimes seen as motivational advice. It comes in the form of books and a film The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.series. The Secret actually comes in several different versions according to the different editions of The Secret books, but they all hold true to the same basic tenets.

How to keep your mattress clean and smelling nice? +  

Perhaps the best way to keep your mattress clean and nice smelling from dust, dirt, and stains is to get a mattress liner (also called a mattress cover). A mattress liner is a thin, waterproof/water resistant material encased inside a cotton sleeve that fits over the mattress, just like a fitted sheet. If liquid gets through the sheets, it will become absorbed into the mattress liner -- which is machine washable, so you can then just wash that -- rather than becoming permanently embedded into your $900 mattress!

What is No Child Left Behind? +  

The definition of No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is a program instituted by the United States Department of Education under the George W. Bush administration to increase the performance of elementary and high schools without increasing spending on education. A steady decline in education quality measures over 50 years combined with a significant increase in education spending motivated the government to institute this program. Indeed, a startling number of students were graduating high school without knowing how to read and write.

10 Signs that your Boyfriend is Husband Material +  

1. He goes out of his way to show you that he cares. He brings you flowers come to dinner and as other sweet little things just to show you how much you mean to him. You can’t get married to someone who doesn’t care deeply about you.
If your boyfriend meets these standards, you'll be as happy as these two.If your boyfriend meets these standards, you'll be as happy as these two.2. He talks constructively with you about disagreements you have. He doesn’t start big arguments and likes to settle everything in a peaceful manner. This will help guarantee that your marriage stays stable.

5 Ways to Hint That You Want Something +  

It’s not always easy to ask for something directly. Sometimes it makes more sense to hint around and have your boyfriend or whoever figure out on their own. It also helps to feel like you haven’t really pushed them into it.
These could be yours if you follow these tips.These could be yours if you follow these tips.
1. “I just read this review on the new Olay Skin Cream. It sounds so neat, it regenerates your skin and softens it and smells so nice!”
2. “Gucci bags are just out of this world! What do you think?”

9 Things Guys do that Drive Their Girlfriends Nuts +  

Here is a list of 9 things that many of my boyfriends have done that really annoy me. You should show your boyfriend this list so that he can treat you a little better.

1. Leaving the toilet seat up: I was raised in a really polite family and this one always really got to me. It’s just a common The inevitable result.The inevitable result.courtesy that everyone knows to do but nobody really takes it seriously. It shows just such a lack of respect that it drives me nuts.

Are Harry Potter Fans More Literate and Successful than the Average Person? +  

There’ve been recent claims of the intellectual community that fans of the book and movie series Harry Potter are more literate than the average person. There have been several experts who have corroborated these claims through a series of studies over certain focus groups. Their surveys have concluded that in fact Harry Potter fans are on average up to 23% more Entertaining and a key to your child's success.Entertaining and a key to your child's success.literate than the average population or more.

How to make changing your carpet after a major mess easy: a guide to carpet tiles +  

Many people have permanent carpets in their home. While a very nice and comfortable addition to the home, carpets inevitably gets dirty over time and need to be changed. This is especially true if you have pets or young ones in the house. A major grape juice spill, or worse, could create a permanent stain on your lovely carpet. Changing or replacing the whole carpet in Rome is an extremely tedious, and potentially quite expensive and time-consuming process. But there is an alternative.

Carpet Tiles!Carpet Tiles!

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