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What is an Arbor? +  

An arbor is a shaded garden with plants growing up over the walking space to form a roof. Arbors are designed to add style to a garden, as well as give its occupants peace and respite from the outside world in their own colorful place of solitude and meditation. Also called pergolas, arbors A modern tunnel arbor in GermanyA modern tunnel arbor in Germanyare generally formed by a wooden, stone, or metal framework that is used as primary support for the rest of its composition.

Is Leather Waterproof? +  

Leather is not waterproof but waterproofing can be done to leather in any form to prolong its life. Leather material is used in clothing, shoes, jackets, accessories and many other items. Certain creams are available in the market to waterproof natural and synthetic leather. During the process of waterproofing the leather usually gets wet and must be allowed to become dry before getting it ready to wear again. Waterproofing is also done by getting the leather sprayed at the store.

Can an eBay seller sue for not paying? +  

Sometimes you might bid accidentally on something and then win the auction. In these cases, it is best to contact the seller and explain the situation. You may get a bad review on your account from the transaction. It would be difficult for the seller to sue, but it might be theoretically possible. In most cases, this is probably a scare tactic. Be sure to speak with a lawyer to carefully understand the appropriate laws in your locale.

Things to do when you're bored in a hotel +  

There are many activities you can do while "bored" in a hotel (it's happened to all of us!). Here are some ideas:

- Read
- Watch TV
- Jump on the bed (don't damage anything!)
- Eat
- Room Service
- Go out to a movie

List of Best Anime of All Time: Mega List (Actual Good Taste Inside) Top 10 +  

Let’s face it, if you have decent taste, then most anime is way too cheesy for you to stomach. In fact, most anime is crap; this shouldn’t be all that surprising since the overwhelming majority of American TV is crap too. So how do you find the best anime, that is actually worth watching? Why, read this awesome list, of course.

How to save money on your electric bill: 10 ways to save money on your electric bill +  

Of all the utility bills that you have to pay per month, the one that is the easiest save money on is probably the electric bill. This is because, unlike say the heating bill, reducing it does not require an expensive installation job on your house. Follow these simple steps and you should be well on your way to lowering your electric bill in no time:

When does Conan O'Brian on TBS Begin Airing or Launch? Release Date Rumors +  

It is widely rumored that Conan O'Brian had a choice between Fox and TBS (a cable channel), and that Conan chose TBS. This new show on TBS will launch at 11pm in November.

Apparently part of the difficulty in getting a Conan show on the air at 11pm on Fox is that many local affiliates had already signed expensive content deals to provide programming during that time for the next several years. This would mean that a new Conan show would not be on the air in many markets, since the parent Fox distributor did not seem intent on swallowing this cost themselves.

Can you have a Pet Armadillo? Legal Domesticated Armadillos +  

Anyone who has ever seen an armadillo knows how cute they are and has probably wondered if it is possible to keep one as a pet. The answer is actually yes. While they are cute, armadillos are also nocturnal and scavengers, so expect household problems. Armadillos do not seem to exhibit any serious forms of hostility toward owners in captivity. However you should be warned Legally domesticated armadillos can make great petsLegally domesticated armadillos can make great petsthat this cannot always be said for certain.

The Best Ways to Avoid Bad Traffic 1  

Bad traffic can ruin the best moods and make you late for work. There are some very simple and practical ways to avoid bad traffic that most people do not even realize. Here are some of the best ways to save yourself some serious headaches and time.
Save yourself some gray hairs and avoid bad trafficSave yourself some gray hairs and avoid bad traffic

How to use accent lighting +  

Accent lights are a great way to increase the ambiance and atmosphere of your home, office or business. Perhaps the best example of this is Hollywood movies.

Accent lighting can be perfect for your kitchenAccent lighting can be perfect for your kitchen

How to keep your desk neat, tidy and nice -- tips and more! +  

It is very difficult to keep your desk and work area clear of papers, sticky notes, and other distracting junk! Some have even written that this is a good way to organize your work area, as subtle cues within your disorganized mess can help you stay organized or remind you to do certain things. However, if it goes too far then it looks bad/unprofessional *and* you can't find anything either. That is not what you want.

You don't want your desk to look like this!You don't want your desk to look like this!

Boyfriend No-Nos: Things You Should Not Do Around Your Girlfriend +  

There are a lot of things that boyfriends do a lot around the girlfriends that they really shouldn’t. Things that destabilize the relationship and hurt the chances of progressing it to the next level of understanding. Here are some things that you should never do around your girlfriend.
The only person you should be texting is her!The only person you should be texting is her!
Farting, burping, blowing your nose, spitting, and anything else like this.

Playing video games instead of spending time with her.

Top Flirting Tips: What are the Best Pick-Up Lines? +  

I think we have all had bad experiences with rejection before. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about starting a conversation with someone you are interested in. I’m sharing these tips from what has worked on me and the ones that have been successful with other An upscale bar can be a great place to try new pick-up linesAn upscale bar can be a great place to try new pick-up linespeople. In general, as long as you’re being sincere, casual, and not sleazy, you will have much more success.

Signs Your Boyfriend Does NOT Love You +  

After several months, it's time to take a step back and say -- does this guy really love me, like he claims he does?! We have outlined some common signs that your boyfriend's professions of love may be less than accurate.

Is this who you are really dating?!Is this who you are really dating?!

- He does not like spending time alone with just the two of you

- He does not appear to listen to/remember what you are saying

- He is openly disrespectful in private (this is not the same thing as "kidding around") but involves direct derision

How to make your house/home smell nice? +  

There are many effective ways to make your house and home smell nice, and stay smelling nice. There are really two sides to this: eliminating the source of bad odors from your home, and replacing them with nice smells.

How to reduce bad odors in the home?!  A trash can designed like this can help!How to reduce bad odors in the home?! A trash can designed like this can help!

Eliminating Bad Odors from Your House, Home or Apartment

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