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What Are Some Good Rock Bands? +  

Earlier rock bands have remained one of the biggest inspiration sources for present day musicians. Although the favorite rock music style varies across generations, some of the best rock music comes from the 1960s and 1970s. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies, Eric Burdon and the Animals and Deep Purple are amongst the favorite rock groups according to many forums and voting websites. Popular rock songs include Help (Beatles), Purple Haze (Hendrix) and Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin).

What Are Some Good Animes To Watch? +  

Favorite Japanese animation programs include Kekkaishi, Fairy Tail and Dragon Drive. Anime tastes mainly differ according to the gender of the watcher. In English speaking countries like the US, animes became popular only in the 1980s while the initial animes started becoming popular since the 1960s. Technical advancement saw its manifestation in animes since Japan had been popularly creating waves in the field of computerized animation. One of the first animes was called Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors (1944).

What Are Some Good Bands? +  

Bands have come along with modern music around the early 20th Century. Jazz and Blues are genres that gave rise to the initial instances of the ‘band’ culture. Today, popular bands such as Green Day entertain young crowds to an appreciable extent. Older bands still performing with their zest at their zenith include Rolling Stones and a few other bands from different eras. Although many band artists perform single albums and songs, group music theory is one of the most interesting subjects for music scholars.

What Are Some Good Love Songs? +  

Love songs set a great ambience at various restaurants and home parties. They also invoke nostalgia and new thoughts about old feelings. Some of the best love songs in western pop music come from Righteous Brothers, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Madonna and James Blunt. They have composed and sung certain popular numbers that have stayed on for decades. Such numbers still play an important role in helping daters to dedicate songs for their partners in public gatherings and social functions.

What Are Some Good Rap Songs? +  

Rap songs have been building their reputation since the 1980s. A large number of artists from India, Latin America, Europe and USA have been influenced by Rap music. Many of the renowned rap bands have reinstated their stand against the American Establishment in a similar way to rock music. However, most artists of the rap genre have come across as winners of Grammy awards and other prestigious awards. It is important to be able to decipher the moral implications of rap lyrics, especially when it comes to bands like Public Enemy and Missy Eliot.

What Are Some Good Movies To Watch? +  

Tastes in movies vary across age-groups, genders, believers in a particular theory and many more groups of people. However, some movies that have become popular across generations, countries and genders include Gone With the Wind, Clockwork Orange and Titanic. Although these are only productions from Hollywood, world cinema has various genres to offer to various audiences. Films by Kurosawa(Japanese), Truffaut(French) and Satyajit Ray (Bengali-Indian) are also well renowned. The style of filmmaking is also an area of selection for the audience.

Does a Cell Phone Bill Build Credit? +  

A cell phone bill usually comes with the provision of a late-fee, which in most cases remains the same no matter how late you pay. Since cell phone bills are a monthly affair, the late fee on a bill applies to only one month. If you choose not to pay any of the billed amounts, the late-fee will also multiply proportionally. However, cell phone service providers usually disconnect the line after failure to pay for 2-3 consecutive months.

Can You Sell Your Hair? +  

Human hair is used in various wig making workshops. Although most Americans do not sell their hair, some try it out for experience. Many who have excellent hair quality and growth, do not mind doing it on a regular basis. Human hair prices are usually about $20, while it may vary from one buyer to another. Expensive wigs are usually made of hair sold for $25-$30. Many websites are also available for selling hair and other related items.

Does Anyone Not Like Taylor Swift? +  

Many say that Taylor Swift is overrated. Although she has a college candy look, feminists and some groups seem to dislike her tendency toward exhibitionism. However, she is a young girl, apparently untutored and bears a virgin charm that can take most of young America into a swoop. Celebrity gossips and competitive comments in media and entertainment of the US have led to certain mixed opinions about Swift. She has a great physique for modeling. Besides she has been signing some of the most rewarding contracts for her age group.

Does Anyone Not Like Harry Potter? +  

Harry Potter stories are about a magical world, where the protagonist, antagonist and their peers are school going heroes in another world. Since giving meaning to children’s thoughts has been a major feature of the writing and the storyline, most adults may not feel drawn to it. Teenagers and young adults however find the book a great read. Readership is strongly divided when it comes to Harry Potter. While some may not even know how Harry Potter looks, the first few books went off the stores at record speeds.

Does Anyone Not Like Facebook? +  

Ssome users find Facebook not to be up to the mark for themselves. A social networking site that provides so much that users find it difficult to handle after a while. Facebook applications are unnecessary to a good proportion of users. Overt details about people also seem to be an irritant for some users. Notifications are also sometimes meaningless to most, but the whole idea of Facebook is ‘leisure’ unlike LinkedIn and MySpace.

Does Anyone Not Like Music? +  

Tastes in music and favorite genres vary across generations, geographical locations and many other factors. However, popular music everywhere remains one of the biggest sources of entertainment all around the world. Cross-continental music, fusion and various experiments are making the audible form of entertainment one of the most sought after professions as well. Most people like music, although some would prefer less of it. Some people have a problem in associating with certain songs, especially if they talk about a painful nostalgia, or something.

Where is Dave Chappelle? +  

Dave Chappelle is said to currently reside in Yellow Springs, Ohio although that has not been verified. He spent much of his time in Africa, and there are some reports that claim he might have gone back there, but nothing is verified. One thing is for sure, however, he keeps his whereabouts very secretive by hiding behind alias names and people. But according to research, the best guess is that Dave Chappelle resides in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Where is Jersey Shore Located? +  

There are many ongoing jokes, myths and misconceptions about the Jersey Shore among people and even on television. The Jersey Shore is actually located on the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey and there are a number of adjacent resorts and residential communities. It is specifically 127 miles of coastal region found in New Jersey. Many people visit there each year for a vacation.

Why is Baseball So Boring? +  

Baseball is so boring to some people because most people don’t understand all the strategies involved in the game. There are also many hand signals that certain people simply don’t understand. If you educate yourself and learn the strategies of the game, it may not be so boring anymore. Most people are used to fast-paced games, and baseball is rather slow. It takes a bit of patience and a lot of understanding and appreciation to enjoy the game of baseball.

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