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What Are Some Good Teenage Movies? +  

Teenage movies are typically romance-flicks, thrillers, action movies and spoofs. Some of the favorite teenage movies in the United States have received great ratings at the Academy Awards. Favorite teenage movies include 10 Things I Hate about You, A Walk to Remember, Pretty Woman, Love and Baseball, Cruel Intentions, Never Been Kissed and There’s Something About Mary. Most of these movies revolve around the lives of teenagers and students graduating from college mainly in the United States.

What Are Some Good Truth or Dare Questions? +  

Truth and dare is a popular party game. It is played within a group, in which each one gets a turn to choose whether he or she wants to answer an embarrassing question, or perform an embarrassing act. The questions and dares are kept aside in a chit prepared from before. Favorite questions depend on the type of gathering. ‘How did you happen to get naughty with your girlfriend first’ and ‘If you had only one day to live, what would you do?’ are typical questions, while ‘Act like a Gorilla’ and ‘Clean the toilet with a toothbrush’ are some favorite dares.

What Are Some Good Techno Bands? +  

Techno music comes from various types of artists. Although bands have been popular in Techno music circles, it is the DJs who continue to make news off-late. Most techno concerts after the 1990s were popular because of the role of award winning DJ’s like Paul Vaan Dyke and others. Techno bands are known for heavy beats, and some of them that have been popular include Pendulum, Prodigy, Goldie and others. Techno music continues to grow into avenues such as disco and rave music besides other similar genres.

What Are Some Good TV Shows? +  

Television shows in the United States keep families and teenagers very busy as different types of entertainment shows and soaps keep making huge TRP’s. The most favorite TV shows include Dexter, Battlestar Gallactica, Boston Legal and Smallville. Reality TV shows include Big Brother and American Idol. Reality shows in the US include many other programs such as The Apprentice, Beauty and the Geek, Dragon’s Den and many more shows. Many TV shows are also available online.

What Are Some Good Romance Animes? +  

Teen animations from Japan provide great entertainment for viewers seeking a good romantic anime. Typical high school animes that have become popular over the years include Kare Kano, Please Teacher, Peach Girl, Ouran High School Host Club and many more. Themes like falling in love with people who teenagers meet every day, and those based on the romantic dreams of people in that age group are the main areas of focus in good romance animes.

What Are Some Good Rappers? +  

Good rap songs come from various eras, including the 1980s, 1990s and even later. Although rap fans list most of the earlier songs to be their favorites, later compositions of freestyle natures by Initial Ge are also amongst the favorites of many. ‘Dance with the Devil’ by Immortal Technique is one of the other most requested numbers in this category. However, some of the favorites that you will always find in a rap fan’s collection include PdSweet, Lacrae and Trip Lee.

What Are Some Good Rock Songs? +  

Various rock bands in the US and the UK have made their popular compositions to live long enough to become antiques. However, the best of rock songs still play at pubs, clubs and homes around the world. One of the most favorite rock numbers is ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple. Earlier favorite rock sings include ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin and ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan. Other chart toppers include songs such as ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix and ‘Ripple’ by Grateful Dead

What Are Some Good Electronic Songs? +  

Electronica is a popular genre that treasures songs composed for various modern musical instruments. DJ-ing with Electronica has been a popular trend across the world. Although most of the Electronica music comes from bands and groups, Boten Ana and Benny Bennasi continue to remain amongst the favorite chart-toppers in Electronica. We like to Party (Vengaboys) and One more Time (Daft Punk) are amongst popular Electronic numbers. The best of Electronica music comes from the US, Canada and parts of Europe.

What Are Some Good Essay Topics? +  

Good essay topics typically test the writer’s skills in being able to express various aspects in a succinct manner. Some good essay topics that one should practice include present day issues, popular controversies, matters of choice and many more. Some of the most popular essay topics that appear in examinations include acceptability of scientific research, working practices, consumption of meat and alcohol, ban on smoking, etc. Essays usually require professional writing styles and compact explanation of opinions.

What Are Some Good Emo Songs? +  

Some of the favorite Emo songs include Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance, and Giving it Away by Mae. Emo songs mainly invoke sadness and hidden emotions that one may be looking to vent out like hatred or love. Death often appears as a peaceful solution to ones problems in the most intense Emo Songs. However, since rock’ n’ roll and other genres that surfaced previously spoke about intrinsic human pains, the authenticity of Emo songs remains a debated issue even today.

What Are Some Good Emo Bands? +  

Emo bands have various identities, and they depend on their style of music and public image. Although Emo music fans consider some bands to qualify as ‘Emotive Hardcore’, music journalism in the 1990s failed to categorize Emo bands definitively. Most of the experimental ‘pop rock’ bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy got known as Emo Bands in the era, while evolution in music wafted the genre of music into various other avenues into the 2000s.

What Are Some Good "Would You Rather" Questions? +  

”Would you rather” is a phrase that precedes a question that the questioner intends to ask someone politely. Typical questions include “Would you rather…”, “be a tree or live in a tree”, “be three feet or eight feet tall”, “be forgotten or hatefully remembered”. Since life brings us to instances that cause embarrassing eagerness, we might need to ask the odd question. “Would you rather” is a phrase that tones down the inquisitiveness of a question if the speaker truly intends to do so.

What Are Some Good Workouts? +  

Cardio workouts work best for most people looking to lose weight. However, other exercises may be more suitable for people looking to gain weight. Most people looking to gain weight need slow workout schedules with heavy and slow weightlifting. Such routines should also be coupled with adequate cardio exercises that can help build stamina. However, for aspirants looking to lose body weight and gain a more prominent muscle definition, fast-paced workout schedules repeated 5 times a week for 30 minutes every day can be effective.

What Are Some Good Websites For Girls? +  

Girls like websites related to clothes and apparels, beauty and style, partying, soft toys and lifestyle. Although many websites that girls like may be the favorites of boys as well, girls statistically are found to be visiting websites like, and to provide them with most of the information and applications they need to keep themselves entertained. Most of the favorite website categories for girls include pages related to clothing and accessory brands. Gaming websites such as also play an important part in women’s browsing.

What Are Some Good Riddles? +  

Good riddles typically make the average person think longer. Actually, the riddle maker appears to be the only person aware of the answer, while most others may have to find the catch in the question. The most favorite riddle questions come in the form of situations that have an everyday-life element such as “A woman walks in for an interview…”. One of the favorite riddle questions remains “Which woman got the job?” to which the answer has always been “the best looking one!”

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