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How Do I Describe Myself In French? +  

If you have to describe yourself in French, you should always be careful while placing adjectives in your sentences because if you don’t place them at right places, the meaning of a sentence would be totally different. In French, you would speak ‘je me presente’ which means ‘Let me introduce myself’. Now say, ‘Je m’appelle’ means ‘my name is’. Now say your first name and then last name which is pronounced as ‘prenom’ and ‘nom’ respectively in French. Remember to be grammatically correct while describing yourself to others.

How Do I Describe Myself In One Word? +  

Sometimes it is really difficult to describe yourself in just one word. You should always reference your professional achievements at this situation. You can use words like loyal, hardworking, confident, and a team player. But always remember that your answer should be a logical one. You should only use words which explain positive characteristics in you. You can say that you are an efficient team player, flexible, punctual and can easily blend with the organization’s professional work culture.

How Do You Connect Two Pictures Together? +  

A “photo collage studio” allows joining of two or more photographs easily. One may also use default system photo viewers to select the photos one by one, and paste them on a new file (in a picture format). Photo joining is easy even if you want them to be placed in haphazard patterns. All you will need to do is drag and place the selected frame in the right position. Joining pictures is a common requisite in various kinds of professions.

What Are Some Good Poems? +  

A poem may or may not be good, depending on the reader, the situation and largely, the era. For example, socialist poems do not have much value today in South Asia. On the other hand, avant-garde poems have always found a prestigious stand in Europe, New York and California. The subject of a poem is usually the crux that helps it fit into some part of the world. However, some universally well known works include Shakespeare’s sonnets, E. E. Cummings poems and Bob Dylan’s verses.

What Are Some Good Pranks? +  

Good pranks that go around in high schools, colleges and workplaces do not differ much. After all the idea of playing a prank is to exercise the child in us. Pranks or practical jokes are popular across the world, mainly due to April Fool’s Day (April 1). One of the common pranks is to keep ringing somebody’s phone anonymously. Assigning hard tasks also works as pranks. Many friends also use color to fill up liquid soap cases.

What Are Some Good Pump Up Songs? +  

Pump-up songs are typically meant to rejuvenate the listener by energizing. Swift beats, catchy melodies and great rhythm patterns help pump-up music fans to feel re-energized within a short time. Butterfly by Crazy Town, Vertigo by U2 and Shut up and Drive by Rihanna are amongst the favorite pump-up tracks in the US. Pump-up songs come from various backgrounds of music, and are available in mp3 collections in many stores across the US. Many websites also offer free listening for pump-up music fans.

What Are Some Good Old Movies? +  

The good old movies that one may have grown up watching in the US include some classics that talk about its times, the future, love, philosophy and various other topics. Old movies retain their value very often due to the popularity of a particular decade or era. For example, films between the 1960s and 1980s strongly run along the space-age lines. The Cold War was also a common subject in the old movies in this period. Older movies include Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady, both of which are romance classics from the 1950s-60s.

What Are Some Good Online Stores? +  

Purchasing goods and articles on the internet has become the most convenient way of shopping. Having them shipped home usually does not cost anything, especially if you are living in the US. Depending on what you are looking for, you can use an online stores directory for shopping in the right online store. However,, and are some of the favorite websites, especially when one is looking for DVDs, entertainment products, clothes and accessories.

What Are Some Good Old Rap Songs? +  

Old school rap come from popular R&B artists such as 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Eminem. Most rap fans today complain of rap not evolving interestingly enough, as most of the later songs sound similar and universal. Some of the favorite old rap songs include In Da Club (50 Cent), Drug Ballad (Eminem) and Bonny and Clyde by Jay-Z. Most of the old rap songs come from a period when Rap was evolving into what it is today.

What Are Some Good Old Songs? +  

Older songs often get credit for their nostalgia quotient. Many songs have been unnoticed in the past, while that have had great runs in later years. ‘A Kiss to Dream On’ by Louis Armstrong, ‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles and ‘Stayin’ Alive‘ by the Bee Gees are only some of favorites between the 1960s and 1980s. Many jazz and rock classics make for some of the most memorable old songs that are getting requested as well as remixed in the modern music arenas around the world.

What Are Some Good Insults? +  

Some insults sound wittier than others, and make for a joke instead of a brawl or a fight. A jealous crush, a disappointed boss or anybody else who often come up with one-liners, are mainly directed as insults. For example, ‘I called your boyfriend gay, and then he used his purse to hit me’ is a way to insult your friend’s boyfriend especially if he is effeminate. Spouses and best friends often curse each other saying ‘If I had the chance of being someone else for a day, it will never be you!’

What Are Some Good Indie Bands? +  

Although some technical differences may exist between Indie Rock and Indie Pop, bands under both genres qualify as Indie bands. Although not all the favorite Indie bands may comply with the theoretical structure of the style of music, they cater to Indie music fans in a big way. Some of the favorites today include Bat for Lashes, Flaming Lips, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and TV on the Radio. The Starlit Mints, Cold War Kids and The Apples in Stereo are amongst the famous bands as well.

What Are Some Good Ukulele Songs? +  

Ukulele has been a frequently used instrument in folk-rock songs. Since songs from the genre sound much like folk music, Ukulele songs typically use the instrument in place of a rhythm guitar or another similar instrument. Good Ukulele songs come from various artists such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Dan Seaman. Jazz is also a genre in which Ukulele has found its way. Some of the oldest Ukulele classics include Ukulele Lady (1925), Tip-toe through the tulips (1926), Blowing in the Wind (1964), and Suzanne (1967).

What Are Some Good Unknown Songs? +  

Many great songs have often lost their sustenance in the public ear due to various reasons. Some of such songs may still be banned, while some other songs simply got overshadowed by more popular hits in its generation. ‘Baker Street’ by Gerry Rafferty is one of the lesser known songs that play in certain niche cafes in the US. “Tell me there’s a heaven” by Cris Rea is one of the other favorites amongst avid music listeners and disc jockeys. Many say that artists like Javier (R&B) are also a talented composer with great music.

What Are Some Good Underground Rappers? +  

Most of underground rap music happens to come from old school rap genres and artists. Public Enemy remains one of the favorite underground rap bands. Some other underground rap bands that came over the years include Atmosphere, Jean Grea, Aesop Rocks, Blackalicious and MF Doom. Underground music from any genre has lyrics, typically condemning an establishment, or a government and the mainstream society that supports or votes for the government’s policies. The most popular underground music in the US sprung in the 1980s as an opposition to Presidents Regan and Carter.

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