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How to Keep Sharpie on Plastic +  

If you want to keep the sharpie ink on a plastic item for a prolonged time, you need to be careful. You may put that plastic item in a separate case so that nobody an touch it often. You may also use transparent nail-polish to coat the sharpie ink so that it would not be exposed to outer environment. You may opt for Krylon, Artist’s Fixative along with the sharpie ink to increase its life on plastic.

How to Keep Sharpie on Your Skin +  

If you want to keep sharpie on your skin for a longer time, you should apply it many times over the skin as the blood stream of our body absorbs sharpie ink and it tends to fade. You should also protect your skin from water as it may wash off the sharpie ink. You should put some talcum powder over your skin to keep it dry and avoid sweating off. You can prolong the sharpie ink for maximum one week.

How to Keep Sharpie on Clothes +  

If you want to keep sharpie ink on your clothes for a longer time, you need to follow some suggestions. Firstly, you should immediately iron the area written with sharpie. You will have to make sure that the piece of cloth remains dry for about 5 to 6 hours at least. Now, you may hand-wash that cloth with a mild shampoo. Spraying a hairspray over the ink is another good option. You should not bleach your clothes as it lightens the sharpie ink.

Addicted to My Car +  

If you have bought a new car and are getting addicted to it day by day, you need to think about it. New cars have some exciting features which a driver begins to enjoy and he doesn’t realize when he has become addicted to it. If you are facing the same problem, you should consider speaking to a counselor or your friends. Sometimes, when you have to go nearby, you can use your bicycle instead of your car. It will not only be beneficial to your health but will also help to overcome your addiction. You may set targets for doing it.

Addicted to My Mascara +  

If you have long and dark eyelashes then you don’t need to use mascara. If you are still using it, it may be your addiction to it which is not good for your eyes. You should try to be as natural as possible instead of going for artificial make-up base. You should have this confidence that your eyes look as beautiful as it would have looked while using mascara. You may keep your mascara in your drawer and lock it for some days. You may also use organic eye-liner to enhance beauty of your eyes.

Addicted to My Ex +  

If you have broken up with you boyfriend or girlfriend a long time ago and are still not able to get over their memories, you may be addicted to your ex. This addiction may create many problems in your present as well as in your future life. However it is not so easy to erase somebody’s memories off your mind, you spent a beautiful time with. But you may try your best if you want to overcome your addiction. The first thing you should do is to realize that your relationship has been over and you need to move on. You should increase your will-power and inner strength.

Addicted to My Cell Phone +  

In present times, brand new cell phones are compelling people to get addicted. If you are spending too much time on your cell phone either by chatting with friends, playing games or surfing the internet; you should consider thinking about it. Cell phones eject harmful rays while talking on it which may be injurious to your health. To overcome this habit, you should first set your target. You may decide for how much time you would use your cellphone. You may switch it off in the night if you use it too much during this period.

How Can I Increase My Willpower? +  

The best way to increase your willpower is to think positive. When you take things in a positive way, you become more focussed and avoid all non-productive things. You should make a plan to achieve your goals. Initially, you should strict to small targets instead of big ones which cannot be achieved in the beginning. The feeling of achieving something will inspire you to tackle more difficult targets. Always say to yourself ‘I can do it!’ It will not only increase your willpower but will also eliminate your previous inhibitions.

I Think Someone is Following Me +  

The feeling that somebody is following you may disturb you sometimes. But it is quite natural and maybe caused by variety of factors. In fact, it is a kind of social paranoia which may happen to anybody. In this type of disorder you tend to think as somebody is trying to harm you in some ways. To overcome this feeling, you should consider talking to either a counselor or one of your close friends. You should increase your mental strength by thinking that nobody is trying to pursue you or harm you. You should go out and meet your friends.

I Think Someone is Stalking Me +  

Feeling that somebody is stalking you may create problems in your life. But this feeling is perfectly natural and can be overcome easily. Sometimes it is your inner inhibitions which compel you to think in that way. On the other hand this problem may be related to a kind of social paranoia where a person tends to think as somebody is trying to harm him. This problem can be solved by talking either to a counselor or to one of your close friends. You should avoid these weird thoughts that somebody is stalking you. You should not be suspicious about others all the time.

I Think Someone is Using My Social Security Number +  

In U.S., social security numbers are given mainly for the taxation purpose and some other things as well. If you are receiving wrong bills having all unrelated details about you, you need to check if somebody is using your social security number. This may be a very dangerous act against you and may put you in trouble. Firstly, you should immediately report to the concerned authority about your problem. They may inactivate your number for some time until they find out the accused. But this problem may be because of some official errors as well.

The Hardest Moment in Life +  

When something worst happens to either you or your loved ones and you cannot change it, it becomes the hardest moment of your life. At that point of time you have no control over the situation even if you want to. You feel so lost and helpless. And if the problem is related to your child, it becomes more painful. When you lose somebody who was very dear to you and you know that you will never be able to get him back, it breaks you. But sometimes you are left with no choice. You have to accept the truth of your life.

What Does True Happiness Mean to You? +  

The definition of ‘True Happiness’ may be different for every individual. What gives you the ultimate satisfaction and contentment may be the reason of getting true happiness. Some get it with their professional success and some get it with their personal achievements. Overall if a person is happy on the inside and doing or having that he enjoys the most, he is truly happy. In fact true happiness is a state of mind with a feeling of self-contentment.

What are Some Good Websites to Meet New People? +  

There are many sites to meet people on internet. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace are the topmost sites for meeting new people. Facebook and MySpace are quite similar and via Facebook you can find and communicate with your old school and college friends., Yahoo360,, m8b8, and are some other popular sites to meet strangers. Gaia Online is the one site where you can send messages and meet new people if both of you share common things like interests, education and work profile. Here you can invent your own character as well.

How Can I Increase My Knowledge? +  

It is very important to increase your knowledge day by day as it may be useful to your professional career or just to make you more aware about everything around. To increase your knowledge, you should first try to be attentive whenever you read or listen to something. When you pay attention to something, it establishes a connection between your subconscious and conscious mind. It enables you to remember things for a long time. Knowledge can be gained from anywhere and at any time.

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