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How to become a Beautician: Education requirements +  

Official training at a vocational school of cosmetology is generally required for those seeking jobs as beauticians. In general this training lasts an average of 9 months to 2 years. This is oftentimes followed up by an out-of-school apprenticeship for another 1 to 4 years. Beauticians are Becoming a cosmetologist can take as little as 9 months.Becoming a cosmetologist can take as little as 9 months.required to be licensed in the United States unless you are a makeup artist or shampoo specialist.


What is a Dental Hygienist? +  

A dental hygienist is basically a dentist without a medical degree who does much of the same work as a full dentist but without a doctor’s responsibility. you work as part of a team to help someone’s oral hygiene. You clean their teeth, rinse and suck their mouth, prepare x-rays of their mouth, and teach oral hygiene methods such as how to use a toothbrush effectively and how to use mouthwash. All in all it’s a fairly easy job. Dental hygienist do not require a full Masters degree in medicine nor are they even require a full college education.


What is a Car Salesman or Saleswoman? +  

A car salesman/woman simply sells automobiles to interested customers. Auto salesmen/women earn on average about $45,000 a year although many reach up to six figures. The work is quite easy and basically consists of talking to people and being as friendly and welcoming as possible. You get them excited about buying a new car and you lay out all the things that they might want and put them together into the perfect package for them. It’s a very happy and pleasant business because it’s all about working out what’s best for the customer and feeling good about what you’re doing.


What is a Masseuse? +  

A masseuse may be employed either by a spa or work independently as a private massage therapist. Their work is very relaxing, calm, and quiet. You spend all day making other people feel better and relaxing. It’s actually a great way to make new connections and friends seeing as conversation between customer and masseuse is quite common. A masseuse makes up to $45,000 a year or more. There is also always the potential of opening up an independent massage parlor which can be very lucrative.


What are the High Paying Jobs with No College Requirement? +  

Even with the nation’s economic troubles there is still some jobs that don’t require a college education while still paying very well. Car salesmen/women make on average about $45,000 a year or more and requires only a few months worth of testing and licensing to start employment. There is no college requirement and the work is quite easy.

Manicurists Have a Promising Future with Low Educational RequirementsManicurists Have a Promising Future with Low Educational Requirements


How Much Does a Manicurist make? +  

There many types of manicurist however on average the pay is usually around $46,000 a year. Depending on your training and background and what’s of establishment you work in the pay can range anywhere from $18,500 to upwards of 90 or $100,000. If you have the ambition, skill and drive to open up Manicurists have a great job and can make a lot of money.Manicurists have a great job and can make a lot of money.a private nail salon run by yourself you can make much more than this.


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