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Is Blu-Ray worth it?

A popular high-tech gift this holiday season will be the Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray is a successor to DVD, offering higher resolution images, and high-resolution sound; as well as richer special features, including downloadable special feature content. Blu-ray DiscBlu-ray Disc Blu-Ray players have fun substantially in price over the past few months, and are now available for prices between 100 and $200, even for name brand devices. In addition, the Sony PlayStation 3 is now available for under $300, which can also play Blu-Ray discs.

The Blu-Ray player can meet a very nice gift for someone in your life appreciates high tech gadgets, or even for yourself. You will get the most benefit if you already have an HDTV. Most HD TVs have a higher resolution than DVD, so you will be older see more detail by watching a movie on Blu-Ray. You don't have an HDTV, the special features available on Blu-Ray discs can be richer and more interactive, and can be available while you watch the movie.

Ultimately, your decision should come down to whether or not you perceive enough additional value to invest in a player at this time. Some players can stream dead flicks or YouTube videos, and others can show digital photos. The PlayStation 3 is also a popular choice, since it can also play high definition video games and has a web browser as well.

The Blu-ray standard is currently being updated to support 3D information and new 3D HDTVs; it is likely that Avatar will eventually be released in the updated Blu-ray 3D format.

by admin on Fri, 12/11/2009 - 06:34

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