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How to reduce the amount of clutter and other junk in your apartment and stay organized

Many people are faced with an undesirable situation in their household: every room has trashed, partially use paper towels, what junk mail piled and strewn everywhere. This idyllic scene is hard to maintainThis idyllic scene is hard to maintain Inevitably, this only really gets cleaned up when someone is coming over for a social occasion, and one does not want to give the wrong impression. But unfortunately, this means that the rest of the time your apartment is still filled with junk. In a busy modern lifestyle, many people really have enough time to regularly clean and organize their apartment.

Therefore, we propose a simple step. Get more trash cans; but leave one trash can in every major role in the house, and put it in a convenient location, such as near the couch, near the bed, near the kitchen counter, etc. Which is a small initial investment (plastic trash cans are really very cheap), junk mail can go straight into the trash where it belongs, rather than postponing the inevitable and junking up your apartment with crap in the meantime. In addition, paper towels, scraps of paper, etc. will find their way straight into the trash, rather than accumulating. While this will not single-handedly clean your apartment for you, it'll help to reduce the amount of cleaning that is needed in many cases, and hopefully make it easier for you to clean when you ultimately do. Perhaps the best part about it, is that it requires no real additional time, and likely saves you time in the long run.

by Kimberly Prescott on Sat, 12/12/2009 - 04:48

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