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How Do You Cure Vampirism?

Vampires are well-known to spread their affliction via the biting of their victims neck. What is much less known is the cure to this infection once it has taken hold. Scientists, historians, and powerful vampire hunters have over the ages put together theories as to what would constitute a potent enough chemical Garlic is an important part of the cure.Garlic is an important part of the cure.solution that could cure this ailment. The majority of work on this matter has involved small amounts of well known ingredients that actually kill vampires. What is useful about these ingredients is that they suppress the physical traits of vampirism, reverting the vampire to human form and thus allowing it to be killed. Therefore if injected in the correct dosage such substances could be used as a cure. Some experts say the concoction should consist of equal parts of garlic, human or animal blood, blood of a vampire, holy water blessed by a priest, and crushed rose petals. The concoction must be prepared in a silver bowl and drunk all at once on an empty stomach. The effects of this should be immediately apparent in the subject as they will experience a great deal of pain in a burning sensation throughout their body. The elongated canines that marked them as a vampire may either recede into the jaw or fall out. Once this process has been completed they are now human again.

This article is fictional and used for entertainment purposes only. Do not actually consume the mixture described above.

by Brandi Roberts on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 02:54

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