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How to Kill Vampires

Vampires are among the most dangerous creatures to ever stalk the night and as such you must be prepared to face them. Vampires are very strong, extremely fast and can withstand all but the most powerful of forces to their specially evolved bodies. They can kill you with but a thought, a gesture of their hand to something so fragile as a human opponent. A Medievil vampire hunting kit, complete with stakes.A Medievil vampire hunting kit, complete with stakes.They can convert your friends and families into armies of the undead to aid them in attacking you. Your only hope is knowledge of the few weaknesses at the vampire possesses.

Vampires have evolved into many forms over the thousands of years that they have existed in this world. For each of these forms there have been found weaknesses which a vampire hunter might see fit to exploit. The individual sets of weaknesses may be very different but they’re usually some main common threads which apply generally to almost all vampire subgroups. These will be covered first.

Perhaps the most common and well known form of anti-vampire weapon is the mineral substance silver. Silver bullets and blades are the most common ways to exploit this weakness. A blow from a silver weapon but say a sword would do a vastly larger amount of harm to a vampire than the same weapon would word made out of steel. There is much debate as to whether the weapon must be made entirely of silver or simply be silver coated for the effects to take hold. It seems that in most cases a simple silver coating on a steel sword or a lead bullet will get the job done. However more powerful vampires may require you to use a weapon crafted from a melted down Blessed Silver Cross as would be found in a church or other religious facility.

There is also theory that chemical compounds involving silver such as silver nitrate and silver phosphate may be used in a weaponized fashion against vampires. These liquid silver compounds could be injected into a vampire with devastating effect destroying the internal organs and corrupting the blood that is so important to their strength and power. A good demonstration of this method is illustrated in the movie series underworld with the silver nitrate bullets employed by the Lycan antagonists.

Sunlight is the single most deadly of the vampire’s weaknesses. Direct contact with most forms of sunlight and UV radiation will cause extreme harm to a vampire’s skin and will generally cause death within a short period of exposure. There is much speculation as to the exact effects that it will take and to which component of sunlight is in fact the deadly one. In general it is agreed upon that the ultraviolet radiation is the outstanding factor and thus a device capable of generating such radiation would be quite lethal when employed against vampires. The Blade movie series makes use of this concept employing a UV flashlight to be used as a method of torture against vampires for information.

Holy water is a particularly effective weapon against vampires as they embody the unholy elements in the world. Splashing a vampire with water that has been blessed in a church may prove lethal at the very least will greatly drain the vampires powers and leave him open to attack.

Crosses and other holy symbols seem to have weakening and averting effects upon vampires of most types. It is wise to carry a cross with one at all times when fearing an attack. A cross pendant worn around the neck can easily fend off vampire assaults upon such a vulnerable area.

Garlic is a potent if somewhat unreliable weapon against vampires. Garlic can be worn around the neck or were attached to hang about the ears as a form of charm against vampires since they seem to be highly allergic to its particular chemical makeup. Garlic can also be eaten in large quantities to make one’s blood very unappealing for vampire predators and to give one a garlicky odor which will discourage them initially from hunting you. It can also be crushed or rubbed against one’s skin to provide the same effects. If one somehow manages to trick a vampire into consuming garlic the effects would be truly devastating indeed however such a course of action is generally not recommended.

A wooden stake through the heart is also a well-known method to destroy vampires however delivering such an accurate below might be quite difficult in a time of desperation such as when facing one in hand-to-hand. Perhaps the only workable method to carry this out would be to attack the vampire in such a fashion while sleeping during the day.

If the vampire you face is of a weak enough variety simple physical trauma may be enough to subdue it. Decapitation and penetrating blows to the chest and a heart area seem to be particularly effective. Automatic and high caliber guns would be advised over their less powerful counterparts. If one is forced to enter melee with a vampire one should opt for sharp weapons rather than blunt as the broken bones might well heal or be resisted the severing of limbs and damage to tissue caused by blade weapons is much more effective.

To some of the weaker, younger varieties of vampires plain water may prove to have a weakening effect or even cause deterioration of the skin and flesh. It is rumored that salt water as opposed to fresh water has an even more intense effect. Some particular types of vampires are not able to cross running water and cannot go out unsheltered during rain storms. These weaknesses can be used much to your advantage when trying to escape.

Some rare forms of vampires have a distinct weakness to salt which can be used to one’s advantage quite easily. Simply form a circle in granular salt around one’s temple and around one’s neck and the vampire will not be able to touch you.

There are some ancient symbols and ruins they can also be used in the fight against vampirism. The most obvious and famous of these is the sign of the cross and other religious symbols such as this. The German symbol of the swastika was rumored to have an adverse effect upon vampires however such is not the case. However many of the ancient Celtic Nordic and Germanic rune signs may be used quite effectively for this purpose. It wants to draw a circle on the ground in ink or in the sand and to draw the shape of such runes within the circle the power will be unleashed and the vampire will be fended off for the moment. If one does not know such symbols one might seek refuge in ancient ruins found scattered throughout Europe in some parts of Asia. Century can also be found in any religious site of any denomination and any religion, not just Christianity.

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