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How Clarins Concealer Stick Saved My Date

Before I start let me say that I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup because it takes too much time and I tend to feel that doesn’t make enough difference. I change my mind after what happened last Friday night. I’d been having a really rough week at work. I’m a public relations manager and to be honest it’s kind of a hectic job. I’m constantly running around trying to clean One of these saved my night from disaster!One of these saved my night from disaster!up other people’s mistakes and smoothing things over for them. Anyway it was on Friday afternoon that I was just finishing up a report for one of our clients when a PR manager from our sister company popped into my office. He’d been working with it pretty closely over the last few days on a big project and I’d been kind of noticing that he was actually a really funny guy. And Friday afternoon when he came into my office I noticed that he wasn’t wearing his glasses and girl let me tell you, he was really hot. I was a little shocked and when he made a few jokes of an assay out to dinner that night I was even more shocked. I said yes of course.

Things didn’t really seem to go according to plan after that. I was getting ready to go out that night and there were just a few minutes left on the clock when I noticed that I have great big pimple right on the side of my mouth. I almost died! I’ve never had good success with dating and this guy seemed to really be into me and I didn’t want to screw it up with stupid pimple. So I ran to my makeup closet and grabbed my Clarins Concealer Stick. It was right then that the doorbell rang and I knew that he was there to pick me up. I absolutely panicked! I yelled “Just a minute!” and scrub frantically at the spot with the concealer stick. To my surprise when I was done with what I thought would be a total mess, I actually looked pretty good. I couldn’t really see the pimple all. And so I went on my date and all went well and he really didn’t even notice. So I want to say thank you Clarins Concealer Stick! You really saved my date.

by Kimberly Prescott on Fri, 12/18/2009 - 20:33

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