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Food, Wine and Cuisine Terms

Is Sea Salt The Same As Kosher Salt? +  

Kosher salt can be made out of the sea salt, but not necessary. It can also be made of the deep underground salty waters. The major difference between the sea salt and kosher salt is that the later one has to preservatives in it. As the rest of the salts it consists mainly of sodium chloride and it is a large grain or texture salt.

Are Tater Tots Vegan? +  

Tater Tots are vegan, as they are basically the potatoes or vegetables. It has to be mentioned that most Tater Tots recipes include using animal fats or meat, which is not vegan at all. Nevertheless, there are many other recipes available, where no animal protein is included and such Tater Tots dishes are totally vegan. Besides, they are much healthier and provide a better food for our bodies.

Is Rice A Seed? +  

Rice is a seed or grain. It is consumed in most countries of the world, but it remains the major source of calories for people in India, Latin America and Asia. Rice is the solid seed grain and it grows mostly in the warm and moist climate. Brown or wild rice is considered to be the best kind of rice. White rice is the lowest in fats.

Is Rice A Vegetable? +  

Rice is not a vegetable. It is a grain or seed. It is a solid grain seed. According to the world’s statistic, rice grain provides food for more than one fifth of the entire population of our planet. It is the main grain, consumed in West India, Asia and Latin America. After the corn, rice is the second highest grain in grown in the world.

Is Corn Syrup Made From Corn? +  

Corn syrup is made from corn or maize. However, that is true only if we’re talk about the natural product. This syrup is widely used in a variety of sweets to stop sugar crystallization and to add products volume. It is also capable of softening products’ texture. Natural corn syrup is the pure glucose. Corn syrup is made of corn starch and can be called a glucose syrup.

Is Corn Syrup Vegan? +  

Naturally cooked corn syrup is vegan. However, high in sugar artificial corn syrup is not strictly vegan. This product contains some bone char in it, so it has a portion of organic animal tissues in it and cannot be called pure vegan. Besides, it is not a healthy product to use, as it promotes fast fattening effect, caused by the refined sugar found in it.

Is Corned Beef Kosher? +  

All beef is kosher. Kashrut does not allow to consume the meat of certain animals, such as pigs or rabbits, snakes, etc. It does give a very precise description of what animals are clean or kosher, and which ones are not. Here it is: kosher animals are ruminants (feeding on grass, chewing it) and they also have to be cloven hoofed. Cows perfectly fall under this description.

Is Corned Beef The Same As Brisket? +  

Brisket is the special cut of the meat. It is taken from the lower chest or the breast part of the cow’s carcass. Corned beef can be cooked from brisket, but it can be cooked from other parts of the cow’s carcass as well. Brisket is about the cut of the meat you get, while the corned beef is about the way it is cooked.

Is Corn Beef Cooked? +  

The corn beef is cooked, but without any use of fire or heating. The modern day tradition of cooking the corned beef comes from Ireland and England. Its was given such a name, because of the large grain salt applied to it. When cooked, this meat is corned with salt and some spices and left to be marinaded in them. However, no heat cooking is applied for the corn beef.

Is Corned Beef Cooked? +  

Corned beef is not cooked in our traditional ways, that is by boiling, frying or baking it. However, it is cooked in the following way. The corned beef is covered with large grain salt and some spices and left like that to get salted through. Basically, it is not a raw meat. Salt gets it pickled and preserved from being spoiled for a long time.

What Is Potassium Bromate? +  

Potassium bromate (KBrO3) is rare but legal in the US. While its use has been banned in several other countries over recent years, it has not been banned in America. Potassium bromate is typically used as a flour improver. It is an oxidizing agent and used in baking bread. Potassium bromate is also used in producing malt barley, where the FDA has prescribed certain conditions to be strictly adhered to. Potassium bromate is considered a category 2B carcinogen by the International Agency for Research in Cancer.

Quickest way to cook ribs +  

The quickest way to cook baby back ribs is presented in this page. Here is the basic idea: instead of grilling it the whole time in your barbeque, sear the meat in the barbeque and then bake it, 4 minutes on the meat side, 2 minutes on the bone side. Then put it on a baking sheet and then apply the sauce. Take aluminium foil and form a tent and then cook in the oven for 5 to 6 hours at 300 degrees. Every hour or so you will want to spoon (or baste) the sauce up over the meat.

What is the Environmental Impact of a Latte +  

Many wonder how big of an impact on the environment does that $5 Latte have? Well, let's break it down. There is the cup itself, the lid, and the cardboard hand protector around the outside. There is the ink used to print on these materials, and there is also the napkins if any. There is the cost to grow the product itself -- coffee beans -- although this cost is minimal next to the cost needed to dry roast the beans and then transport them from where they are grown to where they are consumed. There is also the cost to transport the milk (which dominates the cost to produce the milk).

What is Paris-Brest? Definition and Translation +  

Paris-Brest is a famous dessert dish served in France, made by filling a cream puff-like pastry ring with praline butter cream filling. It is meant to look like a bicycle wheel to commemorate a race between Paris and Brest, France.

What is Grape Seed Extract? +  

Grape Seed Extract is a substance that is rich in flavonoids, Vitamin E, linoleic acid, and polyphenols. Unsurprisingly, the substance is extracted from the seeds of grapes.

There is some data which suggests that grape seed extract may contain disease-preventing effects. In particular, the anti-oxidents that the substance is rich in may help with this. This data is of a case study nature, however, and has yet to be widely accepted within the scientific community. In essence, the health effects have yet to be proven conclusively in the lab.

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