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Food, Wine and Cuisine Terms

What is Havarti cheese? +  

Havarti is a Danish cheese quite similar to common mozzarella and Swiss cheese in many ways. Its texture is soft and flexible yet not spreadable much like that of common mozzarella. It has a rich buttery aroma with hints of sweetness and a sour, nutty aftertaste. Havarti is commonly eaten sliced up and sandwiches and melted in other dishes. Havarti cheese is mild and enjoyable.Havarti cheese is mild and enjoyable.I recommend combining it with a nice yellow mustard, tomato slice, and lettuce on a whole wheat bread. It’s also quite good with crackers.

What is Blue Cheese? +  

Blue cheese (also called bleu cheese) covers several more specific types of cheese with the same features of a white body with veins of blue or green mold running through it. It is often characterized by its strong flavor and crumbly texture. Different types of blue cheese include Roquefort, Gorgonzola, and Stilton. Blue cheese has a wide variety of uses depending on its type.

What is Roquefort cheese? +  

Roquefort is a type of blue cheese originating from France and is made from sheep milk. Roquefort’s texture is a little hard to get brittle and crumbly much like that of your garden-variety blue cheese.the flavor of Roquefort has been described as mild, sweet and salty all at the same time with perhaps a hint of smokiness. Burford is renowned as one of the best blue cheeses available and is most commonly eaten with Roquefort cheese.Roquefort cheese.crackers or fresh bread with a nice glass of red wine.

What is Limburger cheese? +  

Limburger is a Belgian cheese famous for its particularly strong smell. Its texture is quite soft and creamy, easy to spread or slice. Limburger’s heavy odor often masks its more subtle flavor which is slightly salty with the faint suggestion of a blue cheese flavor. Limburger cheese is often spread on dark rye bread with onion and served with a lager. It’s also quite popular when eaten with German style brown Limburger cheese served with classic German rye bread.Limburger cheese served with classic German rye bread.mustard.

What is Paneer cheese? +  

Paneer is a type of cheese that comes from India and Pakistan and is very popular in its many different uses. Paneer is a soft or medium textured cheese similar in feel to tofu. It has a slightly sour and subtle flavor and is most often served to complement other dishes. They can be deep-fried and eaten with peanut sauce or added to curry in place of meat as the signature ingredient. Paneer cheese in the Indian Tikka dish.Paneer cheese in the Indian Tikka dish.Other uses involves stuffed into homemade breads and turnovers or in cold salads.

What is Wensleydale cheese? +  

Wensleydale is a British cheese with a rich crumbly texture, made famous by the British clay-mation Wallace and Gromit. Its flavor is slightly sweet with a hint of sourness. If you’ve never had Wensleydale, many cheese experts will tell you that it has quite a unique flavor and texture can only really be compared to Caerphilly cheese or to a mixture of cream cheese and Parmesan.

What is Stilton cheese? +  

Still is a British cheese that has a particularly sharp taste and smell. The most common form of Stilton is similar to that of blue cheese and originates from the village of Stilton, England which is where the cheese gets its name. Stilton is quite similar to other blue cheeses such as Italian Gorgonzola cheese and Roquefort. Stilton is crumbly and fairly soft with a rich creamy texture and taste it becomes sharper and richer with age.

What is Malbec? +  

The definition of Malbec is a type of grape used in making red wine, purple in color, and tasting faintly of plums. Malbec grapes are used primarily in France, often used in Bordeaux wines, but also in other regions of the world, such as Argentina. Malbec grapes have a relatively thin skin, and as such have medium or lower levels of tannin, and a characteristic dark color. Malbec grapes are often blended with other varieties, particularly in Bordeaux; often been blended with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, for example.

What is Cabernet Sauvignon? +  

The definition of Cabernet Sauvignon is a type of grape originating from vineyards in Bordeaux, France that has now become one of the most popular grape varieties worldwide and has grown not only in France but in California, and many other wine producing regions of the world. Cabernet Sauvignon is characterized by a high level of tannin, originating from the skins of the grape, as well as a more vegetable like taste (sometimes described as tasting of asparagus or bell peppers), than some fruitier wines such as Merlot.

What is Merlot? +  

The definition of Merlot is a type of red grape most often used for winemaking; the great is also often blended with other types of grapes to create hybrids. Merlot grapes are used often in both French wines, particularly in the Bordeaux region, and also in California wines in the Napa Valley region as well. Merlot wines are characterized by a soft, medium body and subtle hints of fruit flavors, such as berries or even plums; and contains lower amounts of tannin than some other wines.

What is Chablis? +  

The definition of Chablis is a type of dry white wine that is grown and produced in and around the Chablis town in France; Chablis is located inside the larger Burgundy region. Virtually all of Chablis wines are made using Chardonnay grapes, and are renowned for their fragrant, pure aromas and flavors. This is due in part to the cooler climate of this region, which produces a greater concentration of acidity in the final one product. By French law, only wines grown in this area may bear the Chablis name on the wine label.

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