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How Much Does a Litigation Lawyer Make Per Year? Average Litigation Lawyer Salary? +  

Law is an exciting area to work in and the litigation lawyer has one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs of all. Dealing with a wide variety of cases the average litigation lawyer can expect to earn around $65,000 at the outset. This will, of course, increase with experience and as better qualifications are gained, and can rise to in excess of $100,000. Top litigation lawyers are very well paid indeed thanks to the many responsibilities that their job entails.


How Much Does a Legal Officer Make Per Year? Average Legal Officer Salary? +  

There are many jobs in the law that are varied and rewarding and that of the legal officer is one such. A legal officer will shoulder a great deal of responsibility during his or her working day and as such a starting salary of $33,000 is available. With a related degree this can rise to between $40,000 and $48,000 and experience will also add to the potential earning ability of a legal officer. Bear in mind that the salary will vary between states and according to the company that employs you.


How Much Does a Lego Designer Make Per Year? Average Lego Designer Salary? +  

Lego remains one of the most popular toys in the world and the company employs a number of designers to keep up with development and bring in new ideas. A Lego designer will need to be qualified with a suitable degree and can earn as much as $30,000 from the outset. With experience and expertise this figure can climb rapidly and top level designers are able to command a salary of in excess of $45,000.


How Much Does a Legal Administrative Assistant Make Per Year? Average Legal Administrative Assistant Salary? +  

Of the many jobs available in the legal sector, the legal administrative assistant is one that is often overlooked. This important role is seen as a stepping stone to greater things by many, yet can be a rewarding and interesting career in its own right. An administrative assistant with a high school diploma can expect to earn between $35000 and $45000 per year while an experienced assistant with a relevant Bachelor of Arts degree may command in excess of $75000 per annum.


How Much Does a Leasing Agent Make Per Year? Average Leasing Agent Salary? +  

A leasing agent works with tenants and people with property to let to make sure the transaction is carried out with the greatest of efficiency, and there are many opportunities for employment as a leasing agent. Experience is the main factor influencing the salary of a leasing agent, and those starting out in the job can expect to earn on average around $30,000. With experience this will rise, and the most experienced leasing agents can command a salary of $75000 a year and more.


How Much Does a Job Coach Make Per Year? Average Job Coach Salary? +  

A job coach is someone who helps people get the very best out of their employment, and as such can be an important member of a team. A job coach needs a degree to bachelor level or equivalent, preferably in an educational subject, and the average salary works out around $60,000 per year. This varies from state to state and depending upon the industry and individual circumstances, and a masters degree plus experience can see job coaches earning up to $90000 in some cases.


How Much Does a Joiner Make Per Year? Average Joiner Salary? +  

The skills of a traditional joiner are still required in many companies across the USA and as such the career of a joiner can be a rewarding and inventive one. As a trade that is very much hands on, the modern joiner will be skilled in the use of a wide variety of machinery, and can expect to command a salary of anywhere between $35000 and $5000 per year. This is dependent upon location and the individual circumstances of each joiner.


How Much Does an Investment Advisor Make Per Year? Average Investment Advisor Salary? +  

An investment advisor can experience an interesting and varied career and there are many employment opportunities for those who wish to follow this career path. With a relevant degree in economics an investment advisor can expect to earn between $30000 and $55000, yet this can rise to around $100,000 with experience and the addition of a master’s degree in a suitable financial subject. These figures depend upon the industry in which the investment advisor chooses to work, and may also vary by location.


How Much Does an Inventor Make Per Year? Average Inventor Salary? +  

Naturally it is difficult to determine the average salary an inventor can command, as it depends almost entirely upon the industry in which they work and the scale of invention they are involved in. Nevertheless, one working in the engineering field, and holding a relevant degree, can easily expect to command in excess of $50,000 with possible additions from patents and bonuses. Inventors working on their own are entirely at the mercy of their own success.


How Much Does an Investment Analyst Make Per Year? Average Investment Analyst Salary? +  

With the financial industries playing such a large part in our lives these days the job of an Investment Analyst is one of the key aspects of the banking world. A graduate with a relevant bachelor’s degree in finance or a relevant subject can expect to earn at least $55,000 per year, while experienced investment analysts can command a salary in excess of $100,000 including bonuses and incentives, depending upon the location and individual circumstances of the position.


How Much Does an Information Officer Make Per Year? Average Information Officer Salary? +  

The job of an Information Officer is a varied one and with a variety of different industries employing such people the salary can vary greatly. The healthcare, financial and IT industries, as well as the armed services, all employ information officers and the salary can be anywhere from $95,000 to $130,000 for Chief Information Office with a relevant Masters Degree. Those with a Bachelors Degree can expect to begin their career beneath the lower end of the salary range and work upwards.


How Much Does an Infertility Doctor Make Per Year? Average Infertility Doctor Salary? +  

An Infertility Doctor specializes in cases where couples are having problems conceiving, and the average salary for an infertility doctor is in the region of $80,000 per year. As the job – like any medical appointment – requires extensive training the more experienced infertility doctor can expect to earn considerably more than this in later years. Regional variations, and the type of establishment in which each individual works, will also have an influence on the annual salary of an infertility doctor.


How Much Does an Informatics Nurse Make Per Year? Average Informatics Nurse Salary? +  

As an important member of the medical and healthcare professions an Informatics Nurse can expect to earn at least $59,000 per year. Informatics nurses require either an Associate Degree in Nursing or a relevant Bachelor’s degree, and those with more experience will see a regular increase in yearly salary. The top earning Informatics Nurses can earn in excess of $80,000 per year, this being dependent upon the establishment in which they work and subject to regional variations.


How Much Does an Abercrombie Model Make? Average Abercrombie Model Salary +  

Fitness wear brand Abercrombie hire models with excellent physique and photogenic looks. Having the right combination might be a matter of blessing, but also takes a certain level of effort, which gets well compensated at Abercrombie. For each photo that the company needs, an Abercrombie model charges nearly $65,000. A model who strikes the right chemistry for the brand can expect two photo shoots in a year, each paying off at least $120,000. Abercrombie models generally make more than $200,000 per year.


How Much Does an Aflac Agent Make? Average Aflac Agent Salary +  

Aflac has received some discouraging reviews as an employer recently. However, Aflac is a company with a long standing repute, paying its employees decent salaries ranging between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. Aflac is mainly an insurance company that rose to popularity through a number of decades as a mid-town insurance company in the United States. Salaries at Aflac depend on the location of the agent, experience as well as records with other insurance companies. Aflac customer reviews reflect a good picture of the insurance services.


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