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How Much Does a Medical Esthetician Make Per Year? Average Medical Esthetician Salary? +  

Some jobs require specific training of the highest order and that of the medical esthetician is one. A varied and interesting post, an esthetician can expect to command a salary of around $30,000 when starting with a relevant qualification, and with experience and further training this can increase to as much as $40,000 depending on the job itself and, in some cases, the location of employment. Top medical estheticians have a rewarding job that is also very lucrative.


How Much Does a Medical Writer Make Per Year? Average Medical Writer Salary? +  

Being a medical writer takes knowledge and experience that can only be gained with the correct training, but it is worth knowing that a good medical writer can earn around $74,000 from the off. With experience, recognition and the right qualifications a medical biller may earn more than $85,000 in a year and this figure will vary with regard to the individual circumstances of employment. Be aware that salaries can also be influenced by location.


How Much Does a Medical Biller Make Per Year? Average Medical Biller Salary? +  

The job of a medical biller involves great skill and for this reason alone training is a must for anyone wishing to take it up as a profession. A qualified medical biller can be looking at a salary of between $28,000 and $38,000 at starting level and with experience and further training the annual salary can be in excess of $40,000. Salaries for a medical biller can vary between employers and location.


How Much Does a Medical Data Analyst Make Per Year? Average Medical Data Analyst Salary? +  

An important job, the medical data analyst is someone who is a vital part of the diagnosis process and who cannot be overlooked. With relevant training and qualifications anyone beginning a career as a medical data analyst can expect to command a salary of between $41,000 and $50,000, while with further experience and advanced qualifications the annual salary can easily exceed $65,000 for those at the top end of the scale.


How Much Does a Mascot Make Per Year? Average Mascot Salary? +  

Being a mascot is about representing something that you love, and while not the first employment opportunity that springs to mind it has to be said that there are serious opportunities for mascots in sports and businesses all the time. Estimating the average salary of a mascot is not an easy task but it is a sensible guideline to say that the average mascot should earn between $7,000 and $9,000 each year, depending on the individual terms of employment.


How Much Does a Masters in Business Make Per Year? Average Masters in Business Salary? +  

With a masters degree in business you are well placed to find an employment opening in a wide variety of different fields of work, and this is why it is impossible to put a strict level on the earning capability of someone holding such a degree. However, it can be said that a good masters degree in business should enable you to take on a job at between $35,000 and $47,000 per year, and that much more can be had for those who gain experience.


How Much Does a Masters in Public Administration Make Per Year? Average Masters in Public Administration Salary? +  

Gaining a masters degree in public administration opens the door to many involving and often rewarding career opportunities. It is difficult to say how much the holder of the degree can earn as this is due entirely to the job in question. Nevertheless, a newly qualified masters degree in an average public administration job can allow the holder to earn somewhere between $35,000 and $45,000 per year depending on the job itself, the employer and the location.


How Much Does a Master Electrician Make Per Year? Average Master Electrician Salary? +  

Everybody has call to use the services of an electrician at some point, and a qualified master electrician can bring home a very impressive salary indeed. Time served and qualified master electricians can earn upwards of $38,000 a year while those who are beginning a career in the field may earn a starting salary of $27,000 per annum. Bear in mind that who you work for, and where they are located, can also influence salary levels.


How Much Does a Meat Cutter Make Per Year? Average Meat Cutter Salary? +  

An essential job, the meat cutter is a skilled worker who can accurately and efficiently carve meat with aplomb. The average salary for a meat cutter is estimated at around $30,000, while many more experienced and expert cutters can command salaries in excess of $37,000. Becoming a meat cutter may involve an apprenticeship with someone experienced in the art but can be a rewarding and involving, not to mention lucrative, career move.


How Much Does a Meter Reader Make Per Year? Average Meter Reader Salary? +  

As one of those jobs that everybody overlooks but somebody has to do, the job of the meter reader is not generally considered a premier occupation. However, this is to overlook the fact that an efficient meter reader can earn as much as $40,000, depending on the region in which they work and also who their employer is. With bonuses and other incentives this salary can be much greater for some.


How Much Does a Average Merchant Banker Make Per Year? Average Merchant Banker Salary? +  

Becoming a merchant banker is a career choice that can be extremely rewarding both in terms of job satisfaction and salary. Indeed, with the right degree a merchant banker with little experience will earn between $50,000 and $60,000, while those with experience and knowledge of the job can command an annual salary of in excess of $75,000. Bear in mind that who the employer is, and where they are located, also has a bearing on salary levels.


How Much Does a Soldier of Fortune Make Per Year? Average Soldier of Fortune Salary? +  

Among the more elite and unusual of jobs, a soldier of fortune takes on a great deal of risk and responsibility in choosing to follow such a career path. With the right experience it is possible for a soldier of fortune to earn a considerable amount of money with the top players in the field bringing home $125,000. Who you work for, and where, has a very heavy influence on the salary that you may be able to command.


How Much Does a Landscape Designer Make Per Year? Average Landscape Designer Salary? +  

Landscape designers can command a salary of in excess of $50,000 due to the many skills needed to carry out the job correctly. With relevant qualifications a beginner in the job can expect to earn around $30,000 per year, and this will rise with experience and further training. The top landscape designers can earn as much as $55,000 depending on where they are employed and the level of the projects they are asked to oversee.


How Much Does a Lab Manager Make Per Year? Average Lab Manager Salary? +  

Your average lab manager’s salary is difficult to determine for many reasons, not least the sheer variety of possible employment opportunities that the job commands. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that someone beginning in the job, with the relevant training and qualifications, could command a salary of at least $45,000 while those who have experience in the field and have gained greater knowledge may be looking at more than $65,000 per annum.


How Much Does a Laker Girl Make Per Year? Average Laker Girl Salary? +  

Being a Laker girl is about representing an institution with an illustrious history, and as such it is a job that brings with it great pride and satisfaction. The average salary of a Laker girl is estimated at around $10,000 and there are salary scales that are climbed in order to gain more. The top Laker girls, those with experience and knowledge of the job, command a salary that may be in excess of $12,000, a very worthwhile annual wage in anyone’s book.


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