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Is Edward Cullen Gay?

There is evidence that the vampire Edward Cullen of Twilight and Twilight: New Moon may be gay. While it is well known that Edward carries on a romantic relationship with Bella Swan it does not in fact prove that he is straight. There is much evidence that can be found that demonstrates that he may in fact be homosexual. For example, Bella is an extremely attractive girl who he often says that he loves very much and It would break Bella's heart if he really is gay :(It would break Bella's heart if he really is gay :(yet Edward will not consent to sex with her or even to romantic fondling. This should send him some serious red flags as what other teenage boy can you think of that would behave in such a manner? Edward’s reasons of abstinence and purity are simply a thinly veiled cover for his true nature. Additional clues arise when you factor in his well groomed hair and his chic style of dress. Would a 17-year-old really have such fashion sensibility if he were straight? As well, the intense passionate looks that are exchanged between Edward and Jacob Black display an attraction on the level of animal magnetism between these two powerful entities. Will Bella’s love be enough to keep the two of them together or will this remain simply a cover for Edward’s own deep attraction to Jacob?

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by Tracy Hall on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:29

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