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Debt Consolidation Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about debt consolidation.

Question: I’ve been having problems with credit card bills and it has had a negative impact on my credit score. What options do I have?
Answer: take advantage of a debt consolidation program which will help you pay off your credit card bills and improve your credit.
Don't let yourself be crushed by debt.Don't let yourself be crushed by debt.
Question: I’ve been having problems with payday loan laws and I feel like lenders have been charging me more than I ought to pay. What should I do?
Answer: you should speak to a debt consolidation company representative who will help you work through your individual problems with these payday loan laws. In addition you can also search on Google with the search string US payday loan laws. The first page that comes up should be able to help you in great detail.

Question: I have received letters from collection agencies that I am not sure our legitimate what should I do?
Answer: they are two ways to deal with this. Ask the collection company to validate the debt. Or speak to a debt consolidation representative and get their expert opinion.

Question: I owe money on an account that is old and I’m threatens to be sued by the collection agency what should I do?
Answer: if the account is old enough the statute of limitations may have expired. If this is the case then you should not pay anything or it will reset the statute and you will be sued.

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 18:25

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