The Evolution of Mario

Every single Mario ever made: collected here is what Mario looks like in every single game that has ever featured Mario. Scroll down to see a timeline view of Mario. His initial appearance was in the Donkey Kong arcade game of 1981, at which time he was called Jump Man. This includes every Nintendo gaming system, including rare ones such as the Game and Watch, Virtual Boy, and Stellaview. If you like this, check out the Evolution of Zelda and Link. Also, check out our other comics.

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by gotbaka on Mon, 07/26/2010 - 06:52
What!? No Bob Hoskins Mario from the movie or the one from the live action show that hosted the cartoon. Even if they were live action monstrosities that should be burned from our memories using a special type of bleach they are technically, and sadly, still Mario's.
What no Mario from the ending of Wario Land?
I'm not "that" guy. The guy I refer to is the generic comic store nerd from The Simpsons correcting someone on the tiniest thing. I swear I'm not that guy. That being said, It seems the Mario from Mario Golf Toadstool Tour (2003) is missing. Its hard to tell if he's missing in the collection but if he's in there then why not the timeline. In my own defense, I only noticed because it was probably my favorite Gamecube game to date. Either way, I love the Mario gathering.