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Becoming a Vampire

Vampirism has been documented as being contracted in several ways. The most well-known way is that of the vampires bite the neck. Experts believe that this causes specific viruses that are present in vampire saliva to make contact with the victims blood stream and shortly after causing them to be infected by what has The thirst is overpowering!The thirst is overpowering!become known as the vampire’s disease, porphyric hemophilia. Symptoms include grogginess, a constant thirst that cannot be quenched by drinking, optical sensitivity to light, fever, and rapid mood swings. Over the course of the next few days these symptoms will progress and after a period of 78 hours have passed the victim will become a full-fledged vampire.

Vampirism has also been known to be passed on genetically from parent to child. Experts debate whether both parents need to be vampires or only one. Some sources speak of a half vampire which is born a woman giving birth to a child while still in the initial stages of the vampiric infection. This half vampire has special qualities that different from those for vampire and involve much greater tolerance to sunlight and many of the other weaknesses that pure vampires have.

by Claire Evans on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:44

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