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Are Harry Potter Fans More Literate and Successful than the Average Person?

There’ve been recent claims of the intellectual community that fans of the book and movie series Harry Potter are more literate than the average person. There have been several experts who have corroborated these claims through a series of studies over certain focus groups. Their surveys have concluded that in fact Harry Potter fans are on average up to 23% more Entertaining and a key to your child's success.Entertaining and a key to your child's success.literate than the average population or more. They attribute this added literacy to a strong interest in reading spurred by early exposure to easily readable, yet challenging literature in the form of the book series. Some experts go on to say that Harry Potter fans in fact benefit from a boosted IQ based on their ability to better comprehend reading materials and such elements as the theme, motif, and plot line. This has led directly to better grades in high school and college English courses as well as higher GPA averages in general.

On a personal note: I've seen the effects of the Harry Potter series on my own daughter Katie. She's 14 and up until last year she didn't really have much drive to do better in school. Her grades tended to be Cs and sometimes even lower and her interest in reading was little to none. She basically just sat in front of the TV all day and let life pass her by. This was until I took her to see the new Harry Your child will do better in school after being exposed to the Harry Potter series.Your child will do better in school after being exposed to the Harry Potter series.Potter movie. She'd heard about the series before but had always thought that it was "unpopular and stupid." She came out of that theater begging me to take her to a Barnes and Noble to buy her the complete series! Now she's reading at a level two grades ahead of the average and getting straight Bs in school! She even came to me the other day and asked about what college I went to. I was so thrilled! She said that she wanted to go to a school like Hogwarts (she told me that's the school that Hermione in Harry Potter goes to) and major in biology. I can't believe the effect that these books have had on my child!

by Susan White on Mon, 12/14/2009 - 04:34

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