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Alternatives to World of Warcraft

Many who play World of Warcraft realized early on that they are addicted to the game and need something else to focus their attention on or are so enthralled by the game mechanics that they seek other MMORPGs to fill their time. There are many good alternatives to WoW. Guild Wars is a highly recommended one as it is similar in many ways to WoW’s gameplay style and yet does not come with a lot of the unpleasant grinding and time-consuming issues so closely related to WoW. Additionally Guild Guild Wars is a great alternative to WoW.Guild Wars is a great alternative to WoW.Wars does not require monthly fees and so ends up being much less expensive to carry on as a pastime. The recently released Aion MMO has drawn much critical attention to itself. Many agree that it is superior in some respects. Warhammer Online is another alternative with the advantage of being cheaper in the monthly fee department but still having the high production values than a monthly fee game brings to the table. Please consider all these options when looking for a proper supplement or replacement for World of Warcraft.

by gotbaka on Sun, 12/13/2009 - 06:23

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