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When is Avatar coming to Blu-ray?

In an interview, James Cameron, the director of Avatar, mentioned that Avatar will have a release date on Blu-ray April 22nd this year (2010). Note, however, that this version of the movie will likely not feature Blu-ray 3D support -- to get the 3D version of the movie, fans will likely have to wait until fall, 2010 when the Blu-ray 3D standard and updated HDMI connector spec are released. At this point it is likely that Avatar will be re-released with 3D data included on the disc. You might also be interested in the release date for the avatar DVD.

Avatar Blu-ray release date -- what is it?!Avatar Blu-ray release date -- what is it?!

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 08:19

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