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What to do with an Avocado

When you say avocado, (most) people think of guacamole and other Mexican dishes. There are actually many other uses for avocados that are much simpler and just as delicious. Avocados go very well in sandwiches, especially with shrimp or bacon. When adding Avocados are good in more than just guacamoleAvocados are good in more than just guacamoleit to a sandwich, it works best when added in thin slices or mashed with a fork. You can also slice up an avocado and add it to a salad. This will give even the plainest of salads a new level of texture and flavor that will compliment any meal. Although it might seem like a strange idea, avocado smoothies are actually very good; they taste a lot like milkshakes. Simply place a peeled and seeded avocado in a blender with ice, milk, sugar, and chocolate syrup or vanilla extract. Blend until smooth and enjoy.

by Rachel Bassett on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 11:32

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