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What is the release date of the next-generation Mac OS X 10.7 operation system?

The latest rumors suggest that the next generation Mac OS X 10.7 operation system upgrade will be released at the approximate date of June, 2010. This would put the release 2 years after the last major upgrade to Mac OS X, which was Snow Leopard, released in June, 2008. It is highly likely that the next upgrade will include significant user interface enhancements, and rumors have suggested that an increase in the number of operating system-level gestures and gesture recognition support will be present in the release.

Many pundits have suggested that this release will be timed to head off any momentum Microsoft has seen from the release of Windows 7, likely to coincide with an overdue upgrade to many of Apple's hardware products, such as the MacBook Pro.

Next Generation Mac OS X 10.7 release date -- what is it?!Next Generation Mac OS X 10.7 release date -- what is it?!

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 01:11

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