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What is the next generation Apple TV release date?

Apple has not updated the Apple TV system recently, which has given rise to extensive speculation and rumors regarding a forthcoming update. An exact release date is currently unknown, however, estimates and rumors suggest that 2010 could be a big year for Apple TV, with a highly-anticipated upgrade to the platform. New rumors, based on a patent filing and several unnamed sources, suggest that Apple is planning a Nintendo Wii-like remote control, coupled with a possible summer release date. Several blogs have also suggested a possible price drop to US$150 to better compete with game consoles that offer similar functionality, as well as new streaming HD content.

It has also been rumored, including highly-placed sources, that Apple will launch a new TV on demand service in which customers can subscribe via a monthly fee and download unlimited television shows on demand. Apple TV would figure prominently in such an upgrade because of its place in the living room. It is also rumored that the highly-anticipated Apple Slate tablet computer will figure prominently in such a move.

An Apple patent filing for a Nintendo Wii-like remote wandAn Apple patent filing for a Nintendo Wii-like remote wand

Next generation Apple TV release date -- what is it?! ...and what will it mean?Next generation Apple TV release date -- what is it?! ...and what will it mean?

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 01:04

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