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What is the iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date?

The previewed iPhone OS 4.0 release date will likely coincide closely with the launch of the next-generation iPhone. This is likely to happen in June or July of 2010. Since it is widely believed that this will take place, to coincide with the 2-year contract of iPhone 3G owners, it is also widely believed that iPhone OS 4.0 will make its debut on this device.

iPhone OS 4.0iPhone OS 4.0

Some unannounced, but rumored features include:

- Support for a screen with 4x the resolution of the iPhone 3GS
- Pixel doubling to scale apps up to the new resolution before updates released allow them to work natively
- Support for video conferencing via a front-facing camera
- Tighter integration with cloud-based services

Some of the more wild unannounced features include:

- Possible suppport for new gameplay features such as regions of the screen which are "clickable"

Some confirmed features include:

- Multitasking
- Support for a games center with badges (ala Xbox 360 achievements)
- Ad serving support

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 06/02/2010 - 01:52

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