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What is the average cost of an Above Ground Swimming Pool in 2010? Price Range of a Private Pool

Above ground swimming pools are a good, cheaper alternative to standard pools. The general price range for above ground swimming pools is between $750 and $3,500. Some higher end pools may cost even more. The exact price of the pool will depend upon its quality, the materials used, size, and brand. You must also consider the price of shipping and installation, which can easily add another $500 to $1000. Kits for constructing your own above-ground swimming pool may cost as little as $200, but they take a lot of time to construct and are generally of lower quality. Other cost considerations are the cost of water, chlorine, and maintenance.

by Susan White on Fri, 06/04/2010 - 14:47
That would cost you anything between $1500 to $4200 depending upon your need and taste. Emma

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