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What is the Project Natal Release Date? Xbox 360 Add-on Price and Specs

The highly anticipated Project Natal system for the Xbox 360 has a projected release date of Holiday, 2010. This will likely lead to a release in November, 2010 but it could happen as early as September, although game consoles are rarely launched that early in the year.

The current rumors suggest that the device will be priced at $150 as an add-on and will NOT be bundled with new Xbox 360 hardware "for free". This is likely due in part to the cost to produce the device, but may also have to do with the necessary business model. Developing the system was no doubt expensive, and unlike the motion-sensing Wii or PlayStation Sphere, Project Natal does not have any "accessories" to sell. As a result, Microsoft will not be able to count on healthy margins from $40 Wiimotes and $20 nunchuck attachments since Natal uses your hands and legs.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 06/05/2010 - 01:59

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