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What is the Nintendo 3DS Release Date?

Nintendo's highly anticipated 3DS has a rumored release date of before the end of Nintendo's fiscal year, which is March 2011. The latest rumors put the release date of the next-generation DS at holiday, 2010. Since the original Nintendo DS was launched in the U.S. rather than Japan, it is likely that Nintendo would follow the same model with the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS release date -- what is it?!Nintendo 3DS release date -- what is it?!

The 3DS is the sequel to the mega-hit, the Nintendo DS. Perhaps its most-touted feature is autostereoscopic 3D, that is, 3D like in a movie theater, but without the 3D glasses. In addition, it is rumored to have a small analog stick, a secondary touch screen, and dual cameras for taking 3D pictures. Unlike the DS, which has two screens of equal size, the 3DS will have a larger "top" screen, and it is this screen which will be 3D.

The price has not been formally announced, and the release date has not yet been confirmed by Nintendo, however, given the fact that several of the 3DS games have Fall, 2010 release dates this points towards a Fall, 2010 release date in North America.

by Margaret Walker on Tue, 06/15/2010 - 00:24

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