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What is the Microsoft Courier release date?

The Microsoft Courier is the much-rumored, much-hyped but as yet unannoucned Microsoft response to the Apple iPad. The Courier folds up and has two screens, rather than one, allowing it to fit into a more compact space, but adding moving parts for the exchange. The Courier has no announced release date. However, recent rumors suggest that the device will launch in late 2010 in time for the holidays, and in time to begin competing with the Apple iPad which will be launching in April. Given Microsoft's past behavior of apparently intentionally leaking details about unannounced products before they are unveiled (such as in the case of the Xbox 360) it is possible that they are using the same viral marketing strategy here.

The Microsoft Courier Release Date -- what is it?!The Microsoft Courier Release Date -- what is it?!

by Margaret Walker on Fri, 03/05/2010 - 11:34

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