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What is the Final Fantasy Versus 13 release date?

The latest rumors suggest that Final Fantasy Versus 13 will have a release date in 2011. The game is being developed in parallel with Final Fantasy 13, which has already been released in Japan and has a U.S. release date early next year. The team that is developing Final Fantasy Versus XIII, however, stopped to help get Final Fantasy XIII out the door. Because of this, it is likely that progress on the game is still quite early, and given the extremely long release cycles Final Fantasy has had in the past -- for example, Final Fantasy XII took over 5 years to produce -- it could be a while before the game is released. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

Final Fantasy Versus 13 release date -- what is it?!Final Fantasy Versus 13 release date -- what is it?!

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 07:53

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