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What is the Chevy Volt release date?

The latest announcements indicate that the release date of the highly anticipated Chevy Volt will be November, 2010. The highly anticipated electric powered vehicle with gasoline backup has garnered much media attention in the run up to its official launch. GM and Chevrolet in particular have spent significant research and development funding on the car.

Chevrolet Volt release date -- what is it?!Chevrolet Volt release date -- what is it?!

The car is a so-called Series Hybrid in that it uses a gasoline engine to charge the batteries if they become low on charge, but otherwise is entirely electric-powered.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 00:57

The main purpose of the gasoline engine is generation of electricity to drive the electric traction motor.
On occasion, it does charge the battery but only
when there is excess power after driving the
traction motor.

The battery is also recharged during
braking through regeneration. When the State of
Charge (SOC) of the battery reaches 30%, the gasoline engine turns on. At times such as when accelerating to pass another vehicle at high speed, more power is needed than the generator is providing. Then power is drawn form the battery pack. This is replenished during regeneration or when the vehicle resumes a lower speed and the generator is putting out extra power that the battery pack can recapture.


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