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What is the Average Cost of an Extended Warrantee? Average Extended Warrantee Price

Extended warrantee or extended service contract usually comes along with the vehicle at the time of its purchase. They are usually made available by manufacturers and, in certain cases, by third parties. Although extended warrantee is considered to be an expensive affair, still people go for it hoping to get skilled technicians for repair works and not wanting to undergo the hassles of undue delay. Also, they are transferrable when the vehicle is sold. It actually depends on how long you wish to use the vehicle and if it is going to be for a short period, extended warrantee can be ideally avoided as they do not stand to serve any purpose in such cases. As car dealers have the tendency to take a share by adding some percentage to the original cost, it is better to have the extended warrantee directly from the companies. The average cost of an extended warrantee is up to $2,000.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 00:24

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