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What is the Average Cost of a European Vacation? Average European Vacation Price

Touring prominent countries in Europe is a life-time dream for many. However, the different expenses like transportation, lodging and restaurant that have to be incurred may prove very dearly if one fails to work out the absolute needs in advance. Though really not considered a luxury, hiring a car on lease may be inevitable during the vacation as travelling by I class train anywhere in Europe costs much more than paying for a car. For covering a distance of 100 miles, the cost involved is around $20. Similarly, lodging per day in a three-star hotel may cost anywhere near $75. And the food expenses depend on one’s diet and again a solid dinner in a quality restaurant in London, Italy, Spain or Portugal may cost about $25. So, put together, the average cost of a European vacation may roughly cost $120 per day.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 00:42

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